Hormone Balancing Naturally

Hormone Balancing Naturally   “With certified non-GMO soy isoflavones, clover leaf extract, and chaste tree berry, Progest Liposome Cream is a great natural alternative for natural hormone balance.”   Hormonal balance Life is a

Symptom-Based Medicine Is Not Working

Symptom-Based Medicine Is Not Working Personal Study   “The disease process is accelerating at an alarming rate: it is clear when you know where to look that many of the diseases we are battling

Male Sexual Potency: What’s Up?

Male Sexual Potency, What’s Up? Male enhancement is a hot topic these days, and if we’re all honest with ourselves, what we really want is a “quick fix.” Although appealing, shortcuts come back to

Are You Prepared For What May Be Coming?

Are You Prepared For What May Be Coming? “We walk by faith, with a sound mind and from a position of strength we make preparations for a brighter tomorrow.” There is a lot of

Why Synergy is Crucial when Formulating Supplements

Why Synergy is Crucial when Formulating Mineral Supplements Most people are aware these days that supplementation of vitamins and minerals are essential to achieving and maintaining optimal health. “Don’t forget to take your vitamins”

5 Things to Know Before Buying Health Products

5 Things to Know Before Buying Health Products There is no question that the shelves of the average health food store or pharmacy are overflowing with options for “natural health products.” The unfortunate truth

Pure Vitamin C: Ceeing Is Believing. Or Is It?

Pure Vitamin C: C-ing Is Believing. Or Is It?   Life Choice® creates and follows its own strict guidelines, surpassing FDA/Health Canada GMP (good manufacturing practices) guidelines, never compromising on supplement quality. I approach

The Importance of Relationships and Intimacy

The Importance of Relationships and Intimacy “A good relationship has a powerful influence on our health. Taking care of your body is of vital importance and tending to your relationships is also a form

The Aging Human

The Aging Human   Aging, the final frontier; longevity our life’s continuing mission: to explore strange alternatives from old civilizations (while avoiding disease), to boldly press forward where no one has gone before. You

Eating Meat or the Diabolical Alternative

Eating Meat or the Diabolical Alternative   “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” (Henry Kissinger)   You may not be soldiers but more than likely you have been

A Doctor’s Pursuit in Finding Pain Relief

A Doctor’s Pursuit in Finding Pain Relief “Education is the key and that is the reason I write our newsletters in order to bring about positive change to a situation that may seem hopeless.”

As It Was In The Days Of Noah

As it was in the days of Noah   “By choice, we become resolute and strengthened by being in association with like-minded people.”   We have been overwhelmed hearing report after report on those who

The Pharma Squeeze is On

The Pharma Squeeze Is On – They Want It All   “This is the time for preparation in a preventative manner to remain healthy.” Oh, how I wish everything was sunshine and roses. A

What Happened to our Natural Immunity?

What Happened to Our Natural Immunity? Nothing happened to our natural immunity, it is still as powerful today as always. Only now, they would have you believe that it broken somehow and no longer

Natural is Not a Trendy Word

Natural Is Not a Trendy Word: The Importance of Quality “It is nature that makes the magic happen. Everything else is only an illusion.” We enter the world in a state of fantasy as

The Importance of Each and Every Component

The Importance of Each and Every Component   “The cleanest and simplest process is my first choice—this eliminates the guess work of the unknown.”   When making professional therapeutic, nutraceutical medicine every component matters, even

Supply and Demand

  “We should be more cognizant of the fact some products may not always be found in abundance and that quality is not evident.” Our system is really fragile as far as supply and

The Human Virome

The Human Virome: If You Think You Don’t Have Viruses, Think Again!   “The human body is very complex, this is why the natural way understands that any treatment must be holistic.” Have you

Myths and Truths About Cholesterol

“Before any treatment for any health condition, one must first consider the body as a whole.” Discussions concerning our diet are constantly changing.  Maintaining one’s health and following a holistic diet is hard enough

The Natural Side to Immunity

The Natural Side to Immunity   “There is a big difference in product quality and we need to be able to identify which products serve us and which do not. Evidence based natural medicine with

Rare Disease Condition: The Noonan Syndrome?

“Finding a qualified naturopathic doctor should be considered because the medicine offered will work with the body in a holistic manner and free from side effects.” Last week I had the rare opportunity to meet

The Importance of Glandular Therapy

“The natural way understands that the treatment must be holistic; acknowledging that each ingredient must be in balance, originating from a clean source.”  What is Hormonal Imbalance? A hormonal imbalance occurs when there is too

A Thyroid Support That Could Benefit Hashimoto’s Disease

“Treatment of sub-clinical hypothyroidism with levothyroxine is not associated with improvements in quality of life or thyroid-related symptoms.”  What is Hashimoto’s Disease? Hashimoto’s disease is an autoimmune disorder and with the influx of environmental toxins,

Why the Sudden Rise In Hashimoto’s Disease?

Eldon Dahl, DNM “Unfortunately, the treatments of autoimmune diseases like Hashimoto are not working properly.” Hashimoto’s disease is an autoimmune disorder and with the influx of environmental toxins, autoimmune disorders are on

Let’s Talk About Cancer

“If we really want to eradicate cancer, we must do things differently than what we are currently doing. We must eliminate what is causing disease to spiral out of control.” The discussion of cancer is

Coronavirus and the Web of Intrigue

“We have to admit: the information being delivered is full of conflicting evidence.” Eldon Dahl, DNM Before any task is performed it is best to have a reliable pathway towards completion: the saying “measure

You are Never Too Old 4Play

Eldon Dahl, DNM “Use the best of the best – you deserve it!” Nature’s 4Play personal body lubricant was designed to bring peace of mind. Pleasure should bring intimacy and joy, and not

The Value of Worth in a Discounted World

“Quality is never cheap or discounted; it stands based on being different from the rest.” We just went through the Christmas holidays and entering a New Year—welcome to the new roaring 20’s! The holiday

Year in a Life

Eldon Dahl, DNM “Quality always matters.” We have reached the end of another year. Well, not just a year but a whole decade. As we are approaching the fresh unknown, it is important to

Peace on Earth

“Together we can make a difference.” Eldon Dahl, DNM The world as we know it seems to be divided by everybody believing that they are doing the right thing. We tend to be more

Need for Education

“I have spent my life’s mission in order to heal the people without the need of drugs.” Eldon Dahl, DNM In today’s world it is a constant sell; it seems, everyone is a victim

How to Support Our Largest Organ?

  “...there are natural, non-invasive ways to improve the quality of the skin.” Our exposed skin ages over time what is especially noticeable is on the face and neckline. This is our business card

Treating High Blood Pressure Naturally

“Hormone replacement therapy has never been the naturopathic way.” Eldon Dahl, DNM Success stories with Life Choice programs are those written by real people. Like the one we spoke about last week, the story

Realize Your Health Potential at Any Age

“If you try the Life Choice regime, you may find that you have more life and more choices in your life.” Are we really conditioned to live our lives in stages and accept everything