“Quality is never cheap or discounted; it stands based on being different from the rest.”

We just went through the Christmas holidays and entering a New Year—welcome to the new roaring 20’s! The holiday experiences are two sided: on the one hand, the blessings of being with family and friends and the spirit of giving, on the other hand, there is also the spirit of commercialism. The need and push for gifting is so heavily emphasized, to give for every single cause, and wherever you go, you are enticed to spend because you do not want to forget Grandpa Joe and Aunt Bunny. We are pre-programed and if an item is not on sale, it is quickly bypassed as the eyes focus on deeply discounted items. The fun starts in November on Black Friday while the music of Jingle Bells and the Drummer Boy are played over and over again to get you into the Christmas spirit… My god, thankfully, we survived another year.

The one thing, though, you will not see is items of quality deeply discounted; you will not see a Ferrari being sold for the price of Kia and you will not see a Rolex at the price of a Timex. Why? Because known quality does not chase everyone, instead, it is appreciated by those who recognize its worth, and is marketed to those with the means to pay the prices asked. What about health treatment? When have you seen Viagra for the price of Aspirin or Synthroid synthetic thyroid medication sold at 2 for 1? Never. It does not happen. Those on these medications have become dependent upon the temporary symptomatic fix, their bodies function based on the stimulus of the drugs, and they pay the price asked without question because they believe their lives depend upon it.  From a health professional, that is mighty strong programming.

So why are people willing to pay a higher price only for some products? If a product is replaceable and not unique, it is always decided on the price, when there is a cheaper alternative price is the deciding factor. Another reason could be that they don’t understand the value of the product, thus, they don’t know why they should pay a higher price if it appears “the same thing” and cheaper. This can happen if they don’t have the information or the background knowledge which happens quite often, especially when it comes to health products.

At Life Choice our raw material pricing goes up at least once or twice a year because the quality is USP pharmaceutical grade. This does not mean it is a drug or a pharmaceutical, it means that material is produced of the highest quality pharmaceutical standards, the same standard used in producing prescription medicines. The global demand dictates the price due to the scarcity of the material, and those wanting the quality and the therapeutic results must pay the price. On the other hand, feed grade raw material from India or China is 90% cheaper and the quality standard used in most natural supplements, the quality is suspicious, the results questionable, and not consistent as when using branded USP grade raw materials. A perfect example is the soy isoflavones used in our Progest Liposome Cream. It is 3rd party certified as being non-GMO with all testing reports and documentation provided, so we pay over $500 per kg for this assurance. Why, you might ask. It is because 95% of the world’s soy isoflavone is genetically modified, and available in large supplies and at one tenth the cost. When it comes to producing our Neurotransmitter Support with 21 ingredients, the same applies: two of the principle ingredients have been on back order for 6 months, but the product restores brain health and so we wait and when ready, make it available.

In our home my mom had this saying “we can’t afford to buy cheap, instead we buy quality once”. Quality is never cheap or discounted; it stands based on being different from the rest. It is made in a different fashion with attention to details. It may not be for everyone’s budget but it is for anyone who understands the value of health, and is willing to pay the price for a standard that is recognized around the world.