Eldon Dahl, DNM

“Quality always matters.”

We have reached the end of another year. Well, not just a year but a whole decade. As we are approaching the fresh unknown, it is important to look back and evaluate what we have accomplished while continuing to work and plan for the future. Here is a short review of the year 2019 at Life Choice and our plans for the beginning of the next decade.

In the first quarter of the year we won the CHFA 2019 Suppliers Sustainability Award which demonstrates exceptional sustainability leadership and operations. It is an honor to have been selected as the greenest supplier in Canada. For those 34 years in the natural health industry we have been constantly creating the best from start to finish, making sure that our products only have benefits and no side effects or disadvantages. In light of global weather and the rise of diseases due to environmental toxins our win shows our input and we are happy to continue this journey with all our social and environmental responsibility programs, and mostly with the pureness and the quality of our products.

Quality and sustainability have been a central topic that we have discussed a lot in our newsletters. We not only wanted to bring awareness to this important subject but also shine a light to our possibilities and the difference between natural and synthetic ingredients. (Quality, Sustainability, Life Choice® Series). Our aim was to reflect on the consequences that the non-natural way could bring into our lives, like the bioaccumulation of toxins, allergies (Why Are We Becoming More Allergic to So Many Things?) or even more serious health conditions. We focused on the background that hopefully helped you to navigate better through the huge amount of information to make healthier lifestyle choices when possible.

We also introduced a series based on all the reviews we received from you, about our products. It was nice to see that regardless of age, nationality, gender or health issue, Life Choice products have been there better helping everyone’s life. Or as Fred Haynes, Ph.D. wrote about us: “if you try the Life Choice regime, you may find that you have more life and more choices in your life.”

Another great accomplishment in 2019 was definitely the fact that we were selected as one of the Top 100 Health and Fitness Influencers. “The 2019 OptiMYz Top 100 Health Influencers list was compiled from many sources and reveals the amaz­ing diversity of influences on our general health and wellness. (…) The goal of the research was to ex­plore the many categories that help to improve the health and wellness of Canadians; and to find a selec­tion of individuals whose values and initiatives support a healthier Can­ada. Final decisions on the candi­dates were made by the editors of OptiMYz.”[1]

Last year we introduced our Thyrodine® Thyroid Gland, which is trademarked protected and research secured by Health Canada Master File, scientifically backed with clinically effective results. The product was formulated by a naturopathic doctor, manufactured under GMP guidelines using USP pharmaceutical grade raw materials to ensure therapeutic results with all safety markers in place. Though we had been aware of the fact that this product is highly important and crucial for treating your thyroid naturally, positive evaluation of our Thyrodine and recognition was important for us. Thyrodine was voted as being one of the top product picks for 2019 Launch Pad innovation award, and nomination meant a lot to us. Your thyroid is too crucial to neglect, and a safe natural solution should never be overlooked.

Another great thing we did was the introduction of our Doctor’s Corner videos on YouTube—an educational series dedicated to sharing the fundamental knowledge that may become—as we believe—the key to a much healthier nation. In these video sessions the most important information are given by building everything from the basis (e.g. how a specific organ functions, how the different elements work in our body or what are the most relevant areas that we need to pay attention to) so that after watching, everyone can form their opinion and/or do their further research on the subject.

You Tube: Doctor’s Corner Video’s

We also refreshed our look this year: we think that our new label look visually highlights the uniqueness of the products within the packaging. And though the quality definitely remained the same, we hope you appreciated the fresh and clean look of Life Choice that has been providing you professional, therapeutic medicine for 34 years. Quality always matters. Cheers!

Last but not least, good things are coming your way next year in the form of our new Lithium Homeopathic, and a completely natural personal body lubricant, Natures 4-Play. Also, we have been preparing a very special thing as well on top all those products, videos, newsletters and educational sessions that you are used to.

We hope you had a great, successful year and will have an even better one in 2020. We will definitely be here, to heal and educate the nation—one person at a time.

[1] OptiMYz, 2019. Vol. 11 no. 6, p. 41.