We are committed to the natural health industry and the people who depend on it.

In 1986, our founder Eldon Dahl established the Nutraceutical line named Your Choice, which a few years later, evolved into Life Choice® – registered trade mark name since 2012. Life Choice was founded with a commitment to provide the natural health industry and its clientele with supplements of the finest quality. Still owned and operated by Eldon Dahl, who has a doctorate in natural medicine, the company’s original commitment remains unchanged today:

The Importance of Sourcing High Quality Ingredients

Listen to the interview with Eldon Dahl, DNM, aired on 96.7 FM The Tonic on February 13, 2021

Sustainability: A White Paper

Sustainability is a core tenet of business at Life Choice. Read the white paper written by Eldon detailing the importance of a sustainable business model and how he has incorporated that into the products and practices found at Life Choice.

Product Samples

Life Choice has led the natural health industry since 1986, innovating with the backing of science and uncompromising research.