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Are Life Choice® products safe for those who are vegan or who have allergies?2020-07-10T09:17:22-06:00

The Life Choice line is gluten free, and also vegan–except for the glandulars and the Digestive Enzyme. The glandular products are: Thydracut, Adrenal Gland, Thymus Gland, and HgH+ Homeopathic. The homeopathic products contain no animal hormones, but the energy contained in the supplements is from organic New Zealand Bovine.

What does USP Pharmaceutical Grade mean?2021-02-08T16:59:31-07:00

The United States Pharmacopeial Convention, Incorporated, (USP) is a scientific nonprofit organization that sets standards for the identity, strength, quality, and purity of medicines, food ingredients, and dietary supplements manufactured, distributed and consumed worldwide. The organization was founded in 1820. All of our products meet the rigorous USP Pharmaceutical Grade standards, which include a purity of 99.9%.

Why is my favourite Life Choice® product no longer available?2020-07-10T09:21:14-06:00

In the case of products produced before NPN regulations, it is a matter of legality. Health Canada is now enforcing NPN (Natural Product Number) compliance. If a product is being sold without a NPN, fines for both the manufacturer and the store can range up to $5 million. As we cannot afford this price tag, and we also do not want to put our customers in a precarious legal or financial position, either, we are choosing to abide by Health Canada’s regulations. We hope to bring back the “old favourites” as soon as possible; however, our ability to do so depends on Health Canada’s status of these products. As these products become available, we will keep you updated. When making order requests, it is not a bad idea to ask if there is a more up to date price list available, so that you can always be aware of upcoming products.

If the product was produced by Life Choice with a NPN and was later discontinued, it was probably due to either a lack of demand, or difficulty in acquiring the needed raw materials. If demand resurges enough, we might be able to bring these products back! However, it is also possible that regulatory changes affected product availability. Either way, if you are missing one of these products, let us know; we can provide updates on the status of the product, or suggest alternatives.

Product specific questions:2020-07-31T11:25:38-06:00

Some products have frequently asked questions under their description in the shop. If you have a question regarding a specific product, and the product does not have that question displayed under its description, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer your question.

Why does Life Choice® do packaging differently?2020-08-14T13:47:04-06:00

Plastic is a global concern and Life Choice® takes this matter seriously, so much so that Life Choice was honoured with the 2019 Supplier Sustainability Award from the Canadian Health Food Association. We wish to bring attention to our packaging, the reason Life Choice chooses to pay more for PET packaging is because PET is the most recyclable bottles on the planet: this type of plastic can be used over and over again. PET is sustainable: increasing numbers of PET plastic bottles are made from recycled PET. PET packages are coded number 1, (bottle bottom), they use less oil compared to other plastic bottles. We could chose cheaper packaging of various sizes but they leave a larger carbon footprint and this is something we will not do. Even the cotton we use to prevent capsule breakage is produced from organic cotton and it can be reused for many purposes.

Do you manufacture your own products or use a third party manufacturer?2020-10-26T09:30:32-06:00

At Life Choice we source all our raw materials ourselves, and all of our materials are 100% Pure Pharmaceutical grade. LCH® products are manufactured in third party GMP facilities accredited by Health Canada.

Who is your third party manufacturer?2020-10-26T09:32:28-06:00

There are many third party GMP manufacturers we work closely together, depending on the products (liquids, capsules, creams are manufactured in different GMP facilities). Unfortunately we do not release the names and addresses of our GMP facilities due to proprietary reasons.

Could you provide information about the standards you or your third party manufacturer is working within, e.g. ISO, GMP?2020-10-26T09:33:45-06:00

Our third party manufactures are both GMP and ISO. Our products are tested three times (3x) also by a third party, before released to you, our valued customers. Our mandate is always to ensure quality ingredients, transparency, and effectives.

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