The Noose Is Tightening to Control the Natural Health Industry

“Through solidarity, we will win the battle and maintain the freedom of choice for healthcare without further government interference—it is our right, it is our choice.”

From as far as I can remember there has been two opposing camps for healthcare: the natural side and synthetic side. The natural side had no issues working side by side with conventional medicine but the latter has never liked the freedom the natural side had, they needed it controlled.

The roots of conventional medicine go back to the early 1900s when it was started by billionaire John D. Rockefeller, who saw sickness as a viable business model to diversify his wealth from controlling oil and gas to synthetic medicine. He knew all about petroleum, but until then no one had thought of using fossil fuel in making B-vitamins—it was a brilliant idea taking what was once natural and creating something unnatural for human consumption, and marketing that as something that improves human health. He knew marketing and he knew the power of patenting his discoveries. With his money and influence, he educated the doctors in medical school, which was the birth of allopathic medicine.

To be successful with his endeavors, he needed to vilify what people relied on for being healthy: a wholesome diet free from chemical GMO manipulation and clean water without fluoride. Hippocrates, the father of western medicine, said 2000 years ago: “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”—in this day, he would be known as a naturopathic doctor. The next step in creating supremacy over healthcare was to erode the public trust in natural food sourced vitamins and homeopathic medicine; grandmothers’ way was good but it lacked the science.

Rockefeller established the “General Education Board” with massive political influence and funneled millions of dollars into his business plan by creating institutional learning. With the help of the business mogul Andrew Carnegie, they opened medical colleges and hospitals—this was the way western medicine was born. Rockefeller saw sickness as a lucrative business; after all, if folks are too healthy, then the hospitals would be used just for injuries and first aid.

The business model for the colleges was to educate the doctors on patented scientifically verified drug treatments. They would receive very limited training on diet and nutrition and with total disregard of natural medicine that was unproven and untested. Knowing that they were naturally occurring, they could not be patented; food-based supplements were the core of medicine but the idea was “out with the old and in with the new.”

No money was spared in the pursuit of treating sickness: grant after grant was awarded for scientists to “reverse engineer” natural treatments, in order to discover chemicals that could be reformed into similar but patentable chemicals. Profit immediately superseded health as the main fruit of the new allopathic industry, and the business of sickness was firmly established. What better way for Rockefeller to show his commitment than to have his medical graduates cite the Hippocratic Oath “to do no harm.”  The doctors did not know the mindset behind their learning, they were sincere and dedicated to public health and to treat and heal the people—many today believe the same, but the system in which they are working is corrupted.

Every few years the group controlling conventional medicine tries to place restriction on the natural health industry; of course, the arm they use in bringing about the change is Health Canada. Living through Covid has revealed much, today the level of trust in our political leaders, medical doctors, legacy media, and the pharmaceutical industry is at an all time low and for good reason: we were manipulated to believe the lie. Because the so-called remedy offered to treat the so-called pandemic was such a disaster, the masses turned to the natural side for relief of their symptoms, and because the treatments were working, the natural side became more popular as the pharmaceutical side saw a decline.

In a nutshell, pharma felt threatened, several high-profile tragedies that saw parents and patients eschew conventional medicine in favour of natural remedies have prompted a renewed national conversation about the regulation of natural health products in Canada. As reported by Laura Osman and shared on CTV News titled, “Industry blindsided by federal government’s plan to track ill effects of natural health products” it was done in haste, “instead been tucked into the omnibus budget bill” it had not “been properly studied or debated”. “Natural health products fall under the same category as pharmaceuticals when it comes to how they are monitored once they are on the market.” This action “would require hospitals to report on any unintended consequences associated with them, so that Health Canada can recall them or order fixes if necessary.” “Ginseng, for example, which is often used in hopes of boosting the immune system, has been associated with some cases of increased blood pressure.”[1] Ginseng has safely been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. We could also argue the same results waiting for the final calculations of your groceries, the very worry of having enough money to cover your needs can quickly increase your blood pressure, ginseng…now you are overreaching and grasping at straws.

This incident is not isolated, it is a global convergence on controlling healthcare. The Seventy-sixth World Health Assembly (WHA)[2] was being held in Geneva, Switzerland, on 21–30 May, 2023. The theme of this year’s Health Assembly was: The World Health Organization (WHO) at 75: Saving lives, driving health for all. The item on the WHA agenda garnering the most attention is the recent amendments to International Health Regulations (IHR) that would hand over dictatorial-level power to the WHO.

Since the WHO did such a remarkable job in confusing the world with their COVID-19 response, they need to have total power over all nations for when the next catastrophic event is unleashed. It is frightening to know that the Biden administration of the U.S. federal government has indicated a strong willingness to sign on to these amendments, the removal of sovereign power given to a private corporation, run by a non-elected administration. According to an article written by Giulia Carbonaro in, member countries cover less than 20 per cent of WHO’s total budget, “that means over 80 per cent of WHO’s funding relies on “voluntary contributions,” NGOs, philanthropic organisations or other private entities. (…) The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation alone is responsible for over 88 per cent of the total amount donated by philanthropic foundations to the WHO. Other contributors include the Bloomberg Family Foundation (3.5 per cent), the Wellcome Trust (1.1 per cent) and the Rockefeller Foundation (0.8 per cent).”[3]

Canada has recently announced through Health Canada a death blow with their proposed fees for natural health products, as they plan on putting the financial squeeze on small to medium companies servicing the natural health industry. With these new fees, they want to increase the costs of natural choices of healthcare to the point where they will be too expensive for the average consumer, so that drugs will be the only option for healthcare, since drugs are federally supported as part of the Pharmacare Act.[4]

What does this mean for a company like Life Choice? Consider this: Thyrodine Thyroid Gland, other glands, CLAW Therapy and practically most of our unique products would be classified under these proposals as Novel Class 111 licenses, which is a new classification. As far as fee structures are concerned—other than our fees to produce the product—, there is the years long research and getting Health Canada’s approval, for which we did not have to pay a licensing fee, after all, we offer natural health products, not drugs. Now with this proposal, it would cost an additional $60,000 to license each Novel Class 111 licensed products. The innovator, first to license, pays these fees and any subsequent licensed product can piggy back the license and pay $7,000—this will kill product research and innovation and eliminate therapeutic formulations from the market.

If that is not enough, here is the kicker, a new and novel cash grab, “The Right To Sell” which means that every licensed natural health product (NPN) being sold will cost $552 per year, so 100 NPNs will cost suppliers at least $55,000 per year for the luxury of selling their own product. Mark my words: if they get away with it for the natural health industry, they will replicate it for all industries as well, so e.g. a tire manufacturer has 100 different SKUs that could cost an additional $55,000 for added fees—this is above the annual taxes paid if profits are generated.

This is the worst attack on the natural health industry on record. We have limited time, it does not go into effect until April 2025, so we must fight like hell for this not to pass. In order to defeat this from happening, we need everyone’s participation. This includes your circle of influence: we need you to bombard your Member of Parliament, set up an appointment and tell him eye to eye Health Canada’s agenda and convince them before the next election that they should shut this down. We must have the freedom of choice for healthcare: be it pharmaceutical drugs or natural health products.

  • Tell your Member of Parliament and voice your opposition, first to stop these new fees to the natural health industry, and protest the potential new proposed International Health Regulations that would put all public health power into the hands of the WHO Director-General.
  • Tell Ottawa, MP’s, and Senators to preserve our national sovereignty for healthcare and to withdraw from the WHO. Canada, through parliament and debate, should make their own decisions on how we handle health issues, not the WHO.

Through solidarity, we will win the battle and maintain the freedom of choice for healthcare without further government interference—it is our right, it is our choice.

Additional Reading:

Here is a graphic presenting the additional proposed fees that Health Canada would like to impose upon the natural health industry:


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