“In order to achieve a therapeutic response, the naturopathic formulation must be designed to be effective. Anything short of using the very best will simply not be effective or therapeutic.”

It is plain to see that the latitude given to pharmaceutical drugs is far more liberal that what is given to natural medicine. And yes, we have been given the qualifiers over and over for decades, mainly directed by pharma and delivered through the various government health care systems. “Pharmaceutical drugs are backed by science” and as for natural medicine, that does not exist, only perhaps vitamins which are limited and offering no therapeutic response.

It reminds me of the story the battle between David (naturopathic medicine) and Goliath (pharmaceutical industry); Goliath was larger than life and spoke in all power and authority, arrogant, as can be, since he was blinded by his own delusions and shouting “who can do battle with me.” From an observation point, everyone would have to agree Goliath is a giant so powerful that none can compete. The opposing army was full of fear; their greatest of warriors were defeated before raising their sword. But there was one who was not brainwashed. He saw the giant’s size but he had something the giant did not have, and that was faith. In the end the giant was slain by the most unlikely of warriors.

We hear the giants roar as it is audible everywhere: it controls the lives of billions of people around the world, influencing governments and controlling the entire medical system yet when carefully inspected properly prescribed medicine / medical errors are the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer.[1]

“Convincing people they are sick and need a drug is a multi-billion dollar industry. In 2015, Big Pharma dropped a record-breaking $5.4 billion on direct-to-consumer (DTC) ads, according to Kantar Media. And it paid off for Big Pharma. The same year, Americans spent a record $457 billion on prescription drugs. Americans also pay more for drugs and devices than any other country.”[2] Most of these ads (about 80 ads per hour of programming) appear on TV yet the devastating side effects are never advertised. Advertisements also lead to increasing drug prices and they negatively affect the patient-doctor relationship as well.

The pharmaceutical side constantly attacks natural medicine for lacking the science and clinical evidence but when examining the history of natural medicine they will soon discover that this is not true. The common ground started In 400 BC in ancient Greece where Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine established the bases that the body must be treated as a whole and not just a series of parts (referred as holistic medicine) and established the naturopathic foundation. In 420 BC Hippocrates establishes the Hippocratic Oath, the same oath that medical doctors take today stating “first, do no harm.”

I have practiced natural medicine in clinical practice and I can proudly say my work has spanned for thirty five years, research directed for chronic disease and preventing premature aging. Those associated within the development of natural medicine have known for years how safe and effective it can be for treating disease conditions. If we compare the sciences between allopathic and naturopathic medicines, it is clear which one follows the foundations established by Hippocrates.

Traditional or naturopathic medicine stems from the growers of the herbs or other forms of plant based remedies to the designers and scientists who create the healing medicines. To better understand we need to examine the roots of naturopathic medicine to discover how it has blossomed over the centuries and then decide what group is based on science and does no harm.

We constantly receive testimonies of the healing power of natural medicine, I must point out that all natural medicine are not therapeutic. It is not the branding which states professional medicine, it is in the raw materials used and how they are formulated for cellular delivery. Here are a few examples of the healing power of natural medicine.

Testimony for Mental Health:

“We are a clinics specializing in head trauma and neurological health. Neurotransmitter Support (NTS) has been successful in lessening the recovery time for treating concussions and those who have suffered strokes. As acknowledged by their attending physicians, their recovery time period was less than half the expected time. NTS has also restored memory for those suffering from memory lapse. One catatonic patient was given NTS for 3 weeks and because of the formulation’s therapeutic actions in improved neuronal activity the person awakened and was fully cognitive.”


For Pain Control:

“I have had chronic back pain for years due to one ruptured and two bulging discs. I have had varying success with many therapies: opioids, OTCs, IMS, physiotherapy. Sometimes the pain is debilitating and goes on and on. It is exhausting and really affects my mood.

I decided to try your DLPA. I took one and within 30 minutes I had a burst of energy and my pain had diminished by 80% or so. I was blown away. I proceeded to tackle tasks and projects all day, fully expecting to “pay for it” later. By evening, I did have a bit of an increase in pain, but my mood was so good!”


For Anxiety and Stress:

“Your Kava Kava capsule could replace all stress/sleep aids on the market. The effects I experienced were profound and smooth and subtle at the same time. I felt my body release tension and relax as my heart melted into my chest and just opened up. When used prior to sleeping, I experienced a deeper sleep and my dreams were vibrant and clear. When used in a social setting, I was much more approachable and conversational, passing off love and positive energy to everyone. So happy to have this product available in Canada, thank you.”

I am sure there are thousands of positive experiences from taking prescription drugs. I must clarify that I am not against allopathic medicine neither stating that they are not effective but at the same time they are abused and associated with multiple side effects. Allopathic medicines treat the symptoms of disease and not the core or the origin of disease.

In order to achieve a therapeutic response the naturopathic formulation must be designed to be effective. The best assurance to achieve results is by using the highest possible USP pharmaceutical grade standards in the raw materials used and how they are formulated to ensure cellular delivery. True naturopathic medicine takes no short cuts for the end results will verify the science that was used.  





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