They Are Coming For Our Children Disguised in the Name of Health

“The virus of fear is the most deadly; it becomes more virulent when spread by ignorance and fuelled by the mass media.” Martin Niemöller expressed it best: “First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I

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Where is the Love? The Virus of Fear and Division

  “What we need is to spread the virus of love throughout the world.” The subject of healthcare covers a broad base of conditions steaming from the disease condition, which is always associated with anxiety and the decline of mental health and wellbeing. Day by day, society is being divided as the walls of

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Synthetic vs Natural Immunity – How Are They Different?

Synthetic or Natural Immunity—How Are They Different? “Be at peace, exercise your right to make an informed decision and focus on the good.” It would appear, when watching the mainstream media and hearing the political hype, especially now before the Canadian election, that the public health risks concerning SARS/COVID 2 virus are being properly

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What Happened to our Natural Immunity?

What Happened to Our Natural Immunity? Nothing happened to our natural immunity, it is still as powerful today as always. Only now, they would have you believe that it broken somehow and no longer functioning. In this newsletter I will be very direct, the time has come to end the confusion stating the facts.

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The Importance of Each and Every Component

The Importance of Each and Every Component   “The cleanest and simplest process is my first choice—this eliminates the guess work of the unknown.”   When making professional therapeutic, nutraceutical medicine every component matters, even the smallest one. If you have not focused on elements like the capsule or the flow agents yet, this newsletter

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Quick Is Not Really a Fix When it Comes to Health

Quick Is Not Really a Fix When it Comes to Health  “We invite you to come with us on a journey of health, to discover your full potential for remaining healthy while living in the midst of a sick world.” If we all want to be honest with ourselves, we need to admit that

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