“We must maintain our health and mental well-being, and to protect our most vulnerable.”

Eldon Dahl,

There is a great debate going on around the world concerning Covid-19. Is it real, is it man-made, is it a bio-weapon or is it just the flu?  Is the global response an over-reach to gain global power to benefit the elite while plundering the world in financial ruin? The population is filled with fear and quarantined in self-isolation and the cities resemble ghost towns with the eerie feeling that once the sun sets, zombies may emerge and start dancing in the street.


When China detected the coronavirus in Wuhan, they locked down the city and in a few days the entire province of Hubei (sixty million people) in absolute quarantine, and also ordered stoppage of all businesses. The West blindly followed the East spending trillions of dollars to stop the spread, closing all non-essential businesses and schools, and forced the nation into self-isolation as they ramped up testing displaying the numbers case by case and comparing the numbers globally in a manner never seen before. Meanwhile, panic and fear griped the entire world. Had they had any insight and studied those who were most vulnerable, and to put all their resources in isolating and protecting those 60 years plus who had a compromised immunity or preexisting health conditions, the amount of deaths would be minimal and the economy would have continued. Those exposed who have a strong immunity would develop flu-like symptoms but in a matter of days most would be symptom free, just like it happens with the flu year after year. As you see from the chart below, those 60 years plus have the greatest risk of dying from the coronavirus. These are the ones in our society that we need to prioritize, not the young and healthy—unless, of course, they have another agenda.

Another thing I find particularly disturbing is the thought that these seniors are dying alone in complete isolation, not even their children at bedside to simply hold their hand and give them comfort when they need it most. When strong they lived their entire lives as providers and caregivers but when comforting is most needed it’s denied. There must be another humane way of protecting those not infected with the virus, even if one member was selected and used FaceTime for others, dying with dignity and surrounded by loved ones is the greatest farewell one could ask for, a little kindness goes a long way.

Vitamin C for Treating Coronavirus?

From the perspective of a naturopath it would appear they are not seeking a cure for the coronavirus but instead, they are pressing for a vaccine. There is no money in a cure. There are numerous reports and studies supporting intravenous vitamin C treatments for treating coronavirus—high doses of vitamin have worked for treating the flu, and the coronavirus is after all a form of the flu. It makes sense to try it out on coronavirus too since the symptoms are similar. Now New York doctors are treating critically ill coronavirus sufferers with vitamin C, and so do scientists in Wuhan, China.



“A 1994 randomised double-blind trial involving vitamin C/placebo supplementation was conducted on 57 elderly patients admitted to hospital with acute respiratory infections (bronchitis and bronchopneumonia). Using a clinical scoring system based on major symptoms of the respiratory condition, patients supplemented with vitamin C fared significantly better than those on placebo. This was particularly the case for those commencing the trial most severely ill, many of whom had very low plasma and white cell vitamin C concentrations on admission.”[1] Even if Vitamin C is not the coronavirus cure, it can definitely be something that can reduce the severity of the infection.

Coronavirus and Zinc Deficiency

Numerous studies[2] are also pointing to the similarities of symptoms between the coronavirus and zinc deficiencies especially for those who are seventy plus years; it is almost a perfect match. “An abundance of evidence has accumulated over the past 50 y to demonstrate the antiviral activity of zinc against a variety of viruses, and via numerous mechanisms.”[3] We have been saying this for years no zinc, no immunity—it is especially true of the aging population, particularly males. Also those with pneumonia have a zinc deficiency, and again, it’s the elderly as they struggle to absorb zinc. Even if they eat a lot of meat (which is high in zinc) they still have low serum zinc levels. The intestinal barrier blocks the absorption of zinc and in order for it to pass through the barrier it must be bound to a transporter like picolinic acid—as it acts like a cloaking devise—so it passes through the barrier into the blood stream.

Low zinc status: a new risk factor for pneumonia in the elderly?[4] Reviews the magnitude of the problem of pneumonia (its prevalence, morbidity, and mortality) in the elderly, pneumonia’s etiology, and the dysregulation of the immune system associated with increasing age.

Life Choice Zinc Picolinate

The global society is in a difficult position and many things will change in a post coronavirus world. Many will face financial ruin, companies will downsize using the pandemic to cut back on workers and products deemed unnecessary. We must learn from this tragedy and become more proactive being more self-reliant as a nation and not dependant on others for our state of health. We must maintain our health and mental well-being, and to protect our most vulnerable. We must not use social distancing as an excuse for not being hospitable and caring for our fellow human beings, we must extend love to overcome the fear and we must think as a community as we are one of the many and we are stronger when united.  The world will be changed and we need to think three steps ahead of the curve.


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