What Happened to Our Natural Immunity?

Nothing happened to our natural immunity, it is still as powerful today as always. Only now, they would have you believe that it broken somehow and no longer functioning.

In this newsletter I will be very direct, the time has come to end the confusion stating the facts. I certainly do not wish to offend, that is the farthest thing from my objective. I have complete confidence in what I am stating, I have the studies and documentation and if challenged I am willing to defend my position in a public debate.

When Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, stated over two thousand years ago “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” he spoke the truth. In a healthy state, our immune system can handle every virus. We may develop a cold or flu but in doing so antibodies are created and the next time the viral strain reappears your adaptive immunity will kill the virus and the variants that may follow.

What is causing societies immune weakness? The three most common health issues leading to disease are:

  • lack of physical activity [1]
  • nutrition [2]
  • and being overweight or obese [3]

If we examine the diet leading to disease conditions we would discover, according to statistics, that over 70% of Americans adults are either overweight or obese. [4]

Which stems from poor quality eating patterns and lack of physical activity. Adult obesity in Canada is over 60%, they are either overweight or obese. [5]

Being overweight or obese increases your chances of dying from hypertension, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, respiratory problems, dyslipidemia and endometrial, breast, prostate, and colon cancers. This would also weaken the immune system leaving the person susceptible to viral attacks such as the flu or novel variant of the flu. These would be classified as pre-existing health conditions – a term you have heard so often during the past 16 months.

Ever since I graduated as a naturopath doctor in 1988 the subject of healthcare was clearly divided between the pharmaceutical influenced allopathic group and noted underdog naturopathic group. Healthy for the allopathic group was not being sick, eat and live as you feel and when sick taking medication or surgery is the answer.

The naturopathic side view being healthy as a lifestyle, exercising prevention with the diet and physical activity and when sick to treat the core of the illness and not the symptoms.

When we are young and healthy everything should be primed, like a new car everything looks great and purrs like a kitten. In time the miles begin to take their wear, a few dints and making strange noises from time to time, especially after gardening. The main difference between the two groups, the allopathic perspective is to live as you feel and as you age expect things to start breaking down and progressively becoming weaker, believing this to part of the normal aging process.

The naturopathic side considers lessening the bodies stressors, not overburdening the organs or the system in general making informed lifestyle choices beginning with the diet with the emphasis on prevention. Working with your body to maintain optimal health, focusing on being healthy for your entire life, the way the body was designed to function.

The subject of immunity while being in a healthy state and practicing prevention especially during the times of stress and seasons of sickness, more so after turning forty. (Remember our previous newsletters on our declining endocrine system and what can be done). Your mental outlook and attitude combined with lifestyle play a supporting role, a healthy diet with home cooking, plenty of clean water and the necessity of a restful sleep. Being cognizant of how our immune system functions is key, understanding what we have within and keeping it as strong as possible brings peace of mind. It is also empowering to be in control of your health and not controlled by your sickness.

The allopathic side used to think along the same lines about 50 years ago for those who were healthy and has since declined rapidly. Since Covid everything right side has been turned on its head.  Remember that new car – it has now aged, it runs just fine but they would have you believe the engine needs a different kind of fuel, even though the owner’s manual (gut feeling) never mentioned a thing. What changed? The trusted authorities in conjunction with the media stated that it no longer functions and if that’s the word, then it must be not be working.

The medical route works something like this. Of course, there are some very dedicated and concerned doctors – they are the exception to the rule. Rarely do they ever discuss diet or lifestyle, eat whatever you want including refined sugars, saturated fats and fast foods. I had this discussion with a heart surgeon, I asked him why he believed this way and his answer was this; “Take for instance eating sugars, your bodies pancreas is more than capable of processing your sugar intake, that is what it was designed to do; and your fat is processed by your liver and gall bladder”.  I asked, “What happens when the pancreas stops working?” He replied, “Then you take insulin.” I just looked at him and smiled. That is how he was trained, never considering the unnecessary stressing of the organs.

Let’s consider the ark of safety, necessary more today than ever before with the reign of fear and terror. Feels like the earth is flooded, doesn’t it? We have two very different choices. What you decide will determine your health, especially as you age, either creating or preventing sickness. The medical side likes to state they are following the science. What does science say? They have determined that there are approximately 30 trillion cells in the average size human body and 40 trillion bacteria on and in the human body and there are 380 trillion viruses on and in the human body. Get this – 380 trillion and the world came to a stop over a single novel virus! At this point nothing makes sense, what happened to change our immune system? It’s been effective since the beginning of time! In my opinion this has nothing to do with treating your health and everything to do with controlling your health.

If you have read my book “Natural Medicine for a Sick World” you know the direction of my teaching. The medical route for treating SARS/COVID2 uses an mRNA (Messenger Ribonucleic Acid) to create gene altering medicines that carry a set of instructions. These instructions direct cells in the body to make proteins to prevent or fight disease. The vaccine – which by definition isn’t – focuses on the spike protein carrying gene to modulate innate and adaptive immunogenicity (immunity) in what their science calls an improved delivery. In essence this overrides our bodies own immune defence. It does not fit with nature nor our natural design. For perspective’s sake in order to calculate any benefit over risk, the chances of dying from SARS/COVID2 are as follows for each age group:

  • 0% for those under 4,
  • less than 0.1% for people under 40,
  • 36% if 50 to 54,
  • 17% if 70 to 74,
  • 5% if 80 to 84 and
  • 16% for those over 90.

These deaths do not exclude pre-existing health conditions where the person would have died regardless of SARS/COVID2. [6]

Nature works much differently. Instead of focusing on the spike protein our innate and adaptive immunity focuses on the entire virus encountered. Natural immunity is very effective and adaptive in determining a viral threat using established viral memory — with a more diverse array of antibodies and T-cell receptors to provide overall holistic protection as it targets the virus to attack. Whereas vaccine-derived immunity only focuses on one portion of the virus, in this case the spike protein which is very limited especially since the virus can change its DNA structure in as little as two weeks.

Here is the issue – once that portion of the virus has mutated sufficiently the vaccine is no longer is effective, it can’t adapt since it is an isolate unlike natural immunity that targets the entire virus. Synthetic immunity is not long-term immunity. It is an excellent business model for creating a customer for life as each new virus requires a new vaccine created specifically on how it has been programmed, it does nothing to an adaptive new variant as proven by the need of a booster shot after receiving 2 jabs.

Natural immunity remains effective while learning from each new encounter, keeping you healthy throughout your life. If you have remained healthy with the odd cold or flu it shows that your immune system is doing exactly what it was designed to do.

Think of the ark as our protection from the insanity being perpetrated on society, in the ark you have your family and loved ones living by your personal choices, your health included. Things are not going to be easy when swimming against the tide, there is a lot of pressure being applied from both sides. Remember whatever pathway you have decided to take don’t be pressured to change unless you are fully convinced. Treat each other with kindness for life is a journey, let love be your ark and your conscious your guide.

Best of health,


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