Eldon Dahl, DNM

“Life is good with Life Choice.” (Bob Osness)

No doubt, the opioid addiction epidemic has reached extraordinary measures affecting and devastating a huge number of lives, and with the Sackler case, the opioid crisis has started influencing areas of public life that we never thought about.

Last week, the multi-billion dollar Purdue Pharma filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and proposed a settlement in the U.S. worth up to $12 billion to protect itself and its owners from more than 2,000 lawsuits over their role in the ongoing opioid crisis. The company, made billions selling the prescription painkiller OxyContin, a pill that is more potent than heroin or morphine, and which claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. Several members of the family have been accused of misleading doctors and patients and directing sales and marketing techniques that led to huge over-prescribing and stronger doses for many patients who should never have been prescribed the painkiller in the first place.

No doubt, the drugs’ side effects keep the patients trapped and enslaved with addictive medication associated with life altering side effects and death. The drug pushers have moved from the back alley ways to Wall Street. What was once a criminal offense became sophisticated to the point they cannot be held liable but when the death toll becomes a crisis even this glass house can be shattered. You have to ask yourself how these scientists can live with themselves since they know the addictive nature of their creation. When seeing the deaths—rather than refine the drug to be less invasive—they increase production. The greed really can overshadow the human element. It is not too hard to see who controls the medical system we just need to follow the money and the clues: e.g. how the health system’s name had been changed from Healthcare Act to Pharmacare Act. Who is in charge, really?

It has become crystal clear that our current health care system needs to be medicated. And not with pharmaceutical drugs having thousands of side effects but with compassion and understanding on how this broken system is ruining millions of lives. This is why we believe in healing both body and spirit. Thanks to that, we constantly receive testimonials that prove the power of the natural medicine and the USP quality ingredients of our products. Stories from our previous newsletters are only two out of many and today we would like to concentrate on those related to our pain management. Here is what real people—a person who lived at the pain clinics, a pharmacist, a Hollywood actress and a formal professional football player—said about Life Choice products.

Stephany P., Alberta: “I’ve lived in severe pain for 15 long years. Some days the pain can be so crippling I can’t even walk. I can almost say that I lived at the pain clinic because I’m on so many narcotics. Even though I’m on the strongest drugs available, a lot of my days involve me on the floor just in unbearable pain.

I almost had to go to the hospital today because it was so bad this morning. I was desperate for some relief! Then I remembered the DMSO gel my dear friend gave me to try a few weeks ago. So as my last hope I smothered it on. Within a short time it has taken the edge off so well that I was able to walk again! This stuff is awesome!”

Emmanuel, Ph.D. Pharmacist, Alberta: “I have been battled with shingles pain for 10 years, until I discover DLPA, a Life Choice product: I first follow the recommended dose, 1 capsule twice per day, but no benefit result. Then I decided to increase the dosage at 2 capsules 2 times per day, and it relieved my shingles pain for about 4 hours. This was an amazing result using a natural medicine.  My current dosage is 2 capsules 3 times per day when I feel the first symptoms of the infection.    DLPA is a wonderful product, it really helps me get control of my shingles pain, and also block the appearance of blisters.”

Deborah Lee Douglas, Actress, California: “The Sweet Relief Cream is the bomb!  Love it!  Wow, what a difference it has made for me!  And I am not kidding! I have followed the instructions, and apply it sparingly; I have found it doesn’t take much!  I use it on my neck (c4-c5 crack damage from auto accident 30+ years ago) and although I know it can’t repair the crack, I do know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is helping the nerve endings, muscles, ligaments and tissue surrounding this area.”

Bob Osness, Alberta: “I had been trying prescription drugs for the gout and joint pain but it was very harsh to my body and was not giving me any lasting relief.  Dr. Dahl advised that I try some of his products that were a natural remedy.  The products I have been taking are the Life Choice Opti-Cal/Mag Complex, DLPA and Sweet Relief Cream.  After I had used 2 containers of the Sweet Relief Cream I started to feel the difference.  I have also mixed DMSO gel with the sweet relief cream 50-50 for a more immediate response to my pain.  I have used these products on my shoulder, back, hips, knees and ankles and would say that my pain is at least 80% improved.  The relief has also given me more flexibility for stretching.  At 62 years old my life that was full of pain and disease is now on a road to recovery.  With an improved diet of whole foods and the use of Life Choice products I am feeling great.  The anti-inflammatory and prescription drugs I once was taking are gone and I haven’t had a gout attack for the past 6 months.  Life is good with Life Choice.”