My First CHFA Trade Show

“While different industries impact individuals in different ways, every industry is comprised of companies that make promises and companies that keep promises.”

In most industries, the function of good marketing is to create systems and communications that make it easier and more fruitful to do business with “us” rather than “them.” Since the very beginning of sales, it has always been the same promise that has been sold: the promise of a little (sometimes a lot) better future. “Buy this car and you will be safer, faster and get better gas mileage than you do now,” “buy this stock and your money will make you more money than you have now,” or “buy this two-ply toilet paper instead of one ply and it won’t rip at a critical moment.” In every instance, the consumer is promised a better version of reality than what they are experiencing now. Delivering on that promise, well, that is a different story completely. Sometimes the promise is fulfilled. Many times, it is not.

I have been involved in marketing in different industries for nearly 20 years now, and I can assure you that the above is true. Everyone who is selling anything is selling the same thing; the promise of something “better.” The key to the first sale is to convince a potential customer to believe the promise. But the key to the second, third and subsequent sales is to DELIVER on the promise! Some companies exist because they are adept at getting that first sale and that is all they need to survive. They only need that customer to purchase from them once and then they move on to the next potential customer and pitch them the promise. Great companies deliver on their promises and win the same customer back again and again, creating a long-lasting relationship that benefits both parties.

While different industries impact individuals in different ways, every industry is comprised of companies that make promises and companies that keep promises. The health industry, unfortunately, is no different. The tragedy with this reality is that an individual’s health is one of the most sacred aspects of their lives. When one has poor health, it affects their entire lives in a negative way. When one is in constant pain, for example, everything all day everyday is a battle just to make it through. I know this because my wife has suffered with chronic pain for much of the last 7 years.

I joined the Life Choice® team in the spring of 2021, and the CHFA Now trade show that just took place in Toronto was the first time I had the opportunity to observe the natural health industry from an insider’s perspective. It was great to meet some of the people I have been dealing with through emails and on the phone for the past year and a half and put the smiling faces to the names.

What impacted me the most this weekend, however, was the many people who sought out Dr. Dahl to tell him how much his work has impacted their lives or the lives of close family members or friends. Person after person approached him to tell him about their “client who uses his thyroid support and has become a brand-new person, full of energy and vitality again” or their child who is “able to focus and function daily” because of his brain health formulations or they can “manage their pain completely and regularly” because of the absolute purity of the DMSO that he has developed. Most had already tried the toxic solutions presented by the juggernauts only to become sicker and despondent as promises fell to the ground unfulfilled. Then they tried Life Choice®.

I was a little bit overwhelmed as some of the testimonies became quite emotional when these people were speaking about their loved ones or themselves. Many said they came to the show with the express intention to specifically seek Dr. Dahl out and thank him, shaking his hand profusely and treating him like some kind of celebrity. By the end of the weekend, my face hurt from smiling almost as bad as my feet from standing. It was really a humbling experience.

Ultimately, I found out that what I had experienced in my own personal life with my wife’s health challenges was not at all unique. Two years ago, she was to the point where she was bed ridden nearly 4 out of 7 days a week because of her pain and not able to function in even the simplest of daily routines. She had lost her job because she simply could not make it to work. When I started here at Life Choice®, I began to learn about health conditions and my wife started using many of the formulations that Dr. Dahl had created to improve and maintain health. Now, while she is not yet 100%, she is not confined to bed nearly as often. She can do tasks and jobs around the house that she always used to do. She has begun to take walks again with me and our son and our little dog, Jax. She has even been able to keep a part time job. The difference in her health and general outlook on life is significant.

To find out at the CHFA Now tradeshow that Dr. Dahl’s work has affected so many others the same way he has affected our lives was a remarkable occurrence. I knew these products had helped my wife, and through testimonies that are sent to us at the office I knew there were others, but to see the faces of so many people who came to our booth just to say thanks and share their story made the trip to Toronto a truly great event. (If you are reading this and you have a testimony about one or more of our products, we invite you to make a testimony video on your phone and send it to us. We will gladly send you a product sample as a thanks. Your testimony is powerful and will likely lead to helping someone else find the solution to their health challenges.)

I am now convinced that in the natural health industry, delivering on the promise is far more important than in almost any other industry. It is indeed a sacred thing for a consumer to place their trust and their health into a formulator’s hands. It is not just our job, but our duty and obligation to deliver on the promises we make.

Kyle Elliott