Connecting the Dots in Developing Brain Disorders

If collectively we ever want to really make a change it must be done from the head to the feet, a complete overhaul to what we are now doing.”

In all its complexities, the human brain is powerful yet vulnerable to deterioration when exposed to injury, chemicals, toxins, heavy metals and, in some circumstances, medical intervention. Brain disorders are grouped together under the label mental health which affects at least 20% of the population and even greater today after the fear induced pandemic. These brain disorders cannot be swept under the rug, they are too numerous to write off as aging or as from unknown causes, the causes are known they just don’t want to admit the truth. When you fail to identify the root cause of a disorder then nothing will be done to stop the progression of the disease, it only kicks the can further down the pathway in hopes that it goes away.

Unfortunately, medical intervention and the drugs that are used do nothing to treat the causal chain of illness, they only offer brief relief to better cope with the disorder. New and advanced medications keep flooding the market while additional drugs are prescribed for treating the depression caused by the initial drugs’ side effects—here, the image of a hamster running on a wheel comes to mind. If you have not figured it out by now, selling sickness is a great business model yet it is unethical, despicable and utterly disgraceful.

A Canadian study had surprising new findings on cerebral palsy. Historically, the disease has been linked to brain injury in the fetus. According to the information presented by the study, however, at least one in ten cases is due to an underlying genetic disorder. Principal investigator Stephen Scherer, director of the Centre for Applied Genomics at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, realized that their findings were shocking: “when I showed the results to our clinical geneticists, initially they didn’t believe it. I think what’s really interesting here is that what was thought to be an almost entirely environmental disorder (caused by fetal injury or infection) has a significant genetic component.”[1]

In reality, it is preconceived dogma of the root causes that drives the research studies; the only time researchers get any breakthrough is when they think outside the box, like this study did. Still, the study concludes that parents may not be able to do anything to stave off cerebral palsy, which might not be the case. One BMJ study[2] found that perinatal exposure to neurotropic viruses to be associated with preterm delivery and cerebral palsy. In addition, a published study in JAMA[3] indicated that the MMR vaccine is associated with an increased rate of febrile seizures, which could be attributed to vaccine-induced fever.

There is a connection between viruses and vaccinations; some are linked with fever and in turn liver toxicity causing jaundice. Perhaps the connection is with viral conditions resulting from vaccinations. When you dig a little deeper things get interesting. An Environmental Research paper from 2004 stated that “[p]erinatal exposure to methylmercury is known to result in severe neurological effects on the developing fetus and infant, including cerebral palsy, mental retardation, and seizures.”[4]

These results are not coming only from recent studies. Based on clinical observations for over five years, interesting results were found in a similar vaccination study regarding methylmercury exposure more than 30 years ago: “Severity of poisoning in mothers was related to the peak mercury concentration in their hair and in the infants to the maximum concentration in maternal hair during pregnancy. In nine cases of cerebral palsy, methylmercury exposure occurred only during the last trimester. All infants except three (two were orphaned soon after birth and one was bottle-fed) were exposed postnatally via suckling.”[5]

Concerns have been raised regarding aluminum exposure from vaccines as well. Aluminum is integral to many vaccines, enhancing immunogenicity and effectiveness and is used in many vaccines given in early childhood. According to a study in Academic Pediatrics the following has been revealed: “The cohort comprised 326,991 children, among whom 14,337 (4.4%) had eczema. For children with and without eczema, the mean (standard deviation [SD]) vaccine-associated aluminum exposure was 4.07 mg (SD 0.60) and 3.98 mg (SD 0.72), respectively. Among children with and without eczema, 6.0% and 2.1%, respectively, developed persistent asthma. Among children with eczema, vaccine-associated aluminum was positively associated with persistent asthma (aHR 1.26 per 1 mg increase in aluminum, 95% CI 1.07, 1.49); a positive association was also detected among children without eczema (aHR 1.19, 95% CI 1.14, 1.25).”[6]

Recent studies on COVID-19 vaccinations also show negative effects. According to a recent study posted in National Library of Medicine (NIH) titled Spectrum of neurological complications following COVID-19 vaccination, “[t]he most devastating neurological post-vaccination complication is cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, which are blood clots in the venous sinuses, part of the brain’s blood drainage system.

. (…) Another major neurological complication of concern is Bell’s palsy that was reported dominantly following mRNA vaccine administration. Acute transverse myelitis, acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, and acute demyelinating polyneuropathy are other unexpected neurological adverse events that occur as result of phenomenon of molecular mimicry. Reactivation of herpes zoster, shingles in many persons, following administration of mRNA vaccines, has been also recorded.”[7]

What puts a burr under my saddle is that those that heal the body without chemical drug interventions are vilified for their efforts while, at the same time, the perpetrators are rewarded and honored by society—talk about a double standard. It is a good thing that they changed the name from Healthcare to Pharmacare. Now the title better fits the origin of treatment while paying both homage to lords of sickness and the sponsors for their services.

For every known sickness there is natural relief when combined with lifestyle changes and natural medicine, healing free from side effects or life-long dependency. The amino acid DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol) has a direct functional activation of the higher integrative brain mechanisms that help maintain normal, healthy cortical vigilance. It has a particular efficiency in restoring deficient higher nervous system activity. DMAE, with its ability to help maintain brain functions, thus perhaps supports cognitive efficiency. It may compensate for various neuropsychologic deficits ranging from cognitive processes to aging itself. DMAE has been studied in relation to its potential benefits in the brain, ranging from treating mental health disorders to simply enhancing brain function. The key to DMAE’s effects lies in its ability to combine with and enhance other compounds.

What does the science say about DMAE?

According to research conducted over the decades, DMAE has been proven to be beneficial in the following cases:

  • Mood and vigilance – improved neuromotor control, enhancement of behavioral tasks, increased verbal memory, and better control in anxious and rhythmic reactivity
  • Learning, behaviour and IQ – greatly lessened hyperactivity, lengthened attention span, decreased irritability, improved scholastic ability, elevated IQ in some cases
  • Fatigue, depression and confusion – alleviated chronic fatigue and mild depression, personality improvements, diminished central nervous system problems, alleviated insomnia without developing any dependency on DMAE
  • Life span – extended life span with DMAE
  • Free-radical scavenger – reversed the effects of free radicals, decreased accumulation of age pigment (lipofuscin) in the brain and heart muscle
  • Dermatology – beneficial trends noted in the appearance of coarse wrinkles, under-eye dark circles, nasolabial folds, sagging neck skin, and neck firmness

Other notable benefits of DMAE:

– improves athletic performance (by improving the body’s production of energy)

– mildly stimulates the central nervous system (CNS)

– alleviates anxiety (subjects administered 1,200 mg of DMAE per day for 5 days exhibited better control of anxious reactivity)

– reduces apathy and increases motivation in persons afflicted with depression

– reduces the amount of sleep required by about 1 hour per night (this effect is noted after 6 weeks of DMAE use); users also experience a sounder sleep (after 6 weeks subjects reported waking earlier and having a clearer mind upon waking)

– increases the content of ribonucleic acid (RNA) in the brain (based on the research conducted on rats)

– increases the concentration of choline in the bloodstream because it enhances the rate at which free choline enters the blood from other tissues; also increases the levels of choline in the brain due to DMAE’s superior ability to cross the blood-brain barrier

– it has anti-inflammatory effects in the skin and improves underlying facial muscle tone and the overall appearance of aging skin

– reduces the proliferation of fibroblasts, increased cytosolic calcium, and changed the cell cycle, causing an increase in apoptosis in cultured human fibroblasts

Where to find DMAE?

DMAE is found naturally in fish, especially salmon. However, it is hard to get all you need just from eating fish. Life Choice DMAE – Lights On is the most direct way to take DMAE in supplement form. As for anti-aging, Regenerate Cream with DMAE, hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid and vitamin C ester can be applied to the skin to improve its tone, resilience and eliminate fine lines.

The cure cannot be prescribed; it runs so much deeper than that. As the rates continue to increase, and while the media coverage shows the despair, it would seem that society is just as lost or unwilling to provide a collective remedy instead, labeled as being something other than what it is. If collectively we ever want to really make a change it must be done from the head to the feet, a complete overhaul to what we are now doing. As a society entranced by the media and under the grips of Pharma I do not think they are willing to write that sort of a prescription for wellness, but we can hope, strive and pray for the best while, at the same time, be proactive in protecting our family and loved ones.


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