The World as it Could Be: Standing United and Lead by Conviction

“First and foremost, we must believe in ourselves and focus on the good, then make a stand determined from the soul and based on our moral consciousness.”

The world is an amazingly beautiful place—one only needs to travel and experience the various cultures, food and spectacular landscapes that will make you fall in love with life over and over again. The ethnic diversity of the people whose hearts are generally kind and helpful makes the world intimately inviting. When we consider the musical variety and the gifted performers it melts your heart, calms your spirit, or stirs your soul to the point of dancing. We live our lives not only to amass fortune but also to help each other to become better for we are one.

As we journey through the forest of life we begin to marvel at the beauty of the nature, every stem, flower, or rock formation. The great variety of life from the microscopic plankton or insect to the massive whales to the elephants makes it is such a pleasure being part of this diversity of life. The forests capture our waste as they offer us the breath of life. At the edge of the forest our eyes behold the most beautiful meadow, and waters with colours thought unimaginable and as we gaze at all the splendor before us, we feel as children wanting to raise our hands over our head and run free leaving the cares of the world behind. Then it dawns upon us through the mind of our vision that we are an energetic union with everything we see before us; barefoot we inspect the plant life at our feet and marvel, even the smallest base element hidden from sight contains life. Our healing God has provided the use of plants for the betterment of mankind as they offer life enhancing properties used to improve our health and well-being.

Yet life is a state of balance: every positive has an equal negative and every negative an equal positive. For peace and prosperity and universal equality we must have laws to protect the vulnerable and to keep order. The fine balance of law and order and the power to govern must constantly be brought into line, or according to English historian Lord Acton, “absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

When in a state of imbalance, forces quickly change to control, intimidation, and violence. When our elected become influenced by greed and ultimate power, they offer the world order—within their definition of order and to their benefit—but this imbalance of power quickly imprisons the populous. What makes our beautiful world so unattractive? Greed and power without conviction, and the intention of manipulation to control. Money is a medium of trust for trade and useful to supply our needs whereas the love of money coveted becomes the root of all evil. I was told when traveling that kindness was viewed as a sign of weakness and that strength means not allowing yourself to be vulnerable but they sure got it wrong. Our world is in its current state because of weakness; it is not a sign of brute power to subdue one into submission through violence or war, evil fills the gap in the absence of love.

As a healer I ponder on my focus to help humanity. The forces of darkness puzzle me, they are equally as passionate as I but we are diametrically opposed in our objective. How does one proceed when facing their Goliath and how are we to know we have the faith unless we are willing to make a stand to conquer the oppressor? Often time we discover our true strengths when we feel we have reached the lowest abyss on our pilgrim’s journey. We thereby begin to acknowledge that the past is behind and what lies ahead is filled with endless possibilities, the realization that the power that guided us was always within reach from our secret place that until tested never realizing its existence. Is it wrong to be afraid when in doubt as the enemy raises its power intending to strike? Well, of course not. Real wisdom never underestimates its opponent but instead gives respect without surrender. It becomes crucial to maintain your vision and objective without wavering, each step forward brings about victory as you proceed to take your possession. If you never accept a challenge, you will never know the real strength that you possess; and remember, it is not our defeats that define us, it is the faith that empowers us to be stronger.

A follower without conviction, purpose or direction will only enslave. First and foremost, we must believe in ourselves and focus on the good, then make a stand determined from the soul and based on our moral consciousness. The simplest mantra I have discovered is “to do unto others as you would like done unto you.” If we examine history, we will discover that those who made a difference took the pathway less traveled. Maybe the journey was filled with obstacles and challenges but through perseverance and determination we will overcome. Never lose hope, even in the darkest hour we must have faith trusting from the knowledge of our experiences; soon the light will begin to shine illuminating our steps. No matter the opposition, we will have the peace deep within that cannot be shaken, for we stood for what we believed in and seen it to fruition.

The greatest force humanity has at its disposal is love; no matter the individual everyone seeks it. Not the type of casual love expressed in greetings “Love you man” but the kind of unconditional love, perfect love, that can remove all fear.  We are living in the days of spiritual warfare and the human mind has become the battlefield. On a daily basis, if plugged into the bombardment of propaganda, by the end of day we become exhausted restricting the flow of love within our lives. Multiple studies have been done on being accepted and feeling loved: it changes our mood, our outlook and even our immunity as endorphins are released bringing peace. The human mind is the axis of life. By our thoughts we will our sickness or we will our health and healing. By our mental attitude we either embrace fear and defeat or abundance of joy and vibrant health. God is love and when we channel this love from our spirit then our actions, thoughts and words are fortified, and in this realm fear is vanquished. It spreads quickly through darkness because love expressed will bring forth light. We must also be willing to accept love, to be open and replace the mistrust that is keeping us captive to our past. When love flows and is accepted by family and friends it will saturate everything you do and everything you say, people will be drawn to you like a magnet for this comforting peace and your life and those you interact with will thrive mentally, physically, and spiritually. Love is within us to give and not hold back, love transcends all barriers it is the universal language, the healing balm that the world desperately needs.

I am not one for organized religion but I do respect the written word and I would like to share with you this passage from 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 that explains love best:

“Love is patient, love is kind, and it is not jealous; love does not brag and it is not arrogant, does not act unbecomingly; it does not seek its own, it is not provoked, does not consider a wrong suffered, does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails.”

Health and healing are not found in a bottle, they are for your betterment but there is more. If you have ever desired wisdom, you have asked a great thing, but remember that wisdom is only achieved through experience. Once we endure our struggles and achieve our victories we will stand shoulder to shoulder. Remember, you are not alone. Together we will be counted among those who had the courage to fight for what they believed in.

Merry Christmas my friends, health and peace is my wish for you.