All of our choices could be one element that either increases or decreases the odds of becoming sick. The question is: what choices are we willing to make?”

Eldon Dahl, DNM

We all know that doing the small things every day as a part of our healthy routine and reaching to quality choices is the key if we want to achieve the dreamy healthy life. So first we have to start making changes in the basics: in our selection of food, our lifestyle choices and also about which nutraceuticals are we going to take.

We are able to read sign posts for warnings, and the signs are very clear today. We all have choices in life; the question is what choice do we make at the time of decision? Becoming a label reader and understanding the difference between quality and non-quality ingredients as well as processed GMO foods and non-GMO or organic is only the beginning. Considering the amount of food consumed per meal, drinking plenty of pure water and exercising on regular bases (but mainly just start for the beginning) are also some of the key factors. Not to mention watching for hidden dangers like heavy metals or radiation toxicity.

Prevention has always been the key when dealing with health. There is a disease connection linked to diet, lifestyle and a positive mental approach. Like stepping stones, failure in these areas escalates from high blood pressure to high glucose, to increased need for insulin, to insulin resistance, to diabetes and mental illness.

Health is not a question related to age or gender, and it’s important for all of us to take care of ourselves the best we can. Building an immune system is not about avoiding connection with our world rather being aware of the quality and quantity of what we consume.

Our food highly influences our well being. Revealing the connection between the gut and the brain has become a huge interest in researches, and it proves that in our body nothing really works separated from the other parts. The delicate balance of gut bacteria combined with full digestion of food is necessary in order to prevent the proliferation of unhealthy micro intestinal flora within the gut. When out of balance, the disease process begins affecting the entire body, including our brain—influencing mood, memory and depression. The typical processed diet, combined with increased hidden sugars, is basically eating our way towards a disease process. We are what we eat, but how food is digested and the right balance of pathogens in the gut is also important: disease or health lies within the gastrointestinal system.

Unfortunately, everything is affected: from the food we eat, through the water we drink, to the air we breathe in. Globally, all types of allergy cases have risen e.g. food allergy by as much as 50% in the past decade with a 700% rise in hospitalizations due to anaphylaxis. It is thought that allergies and increased sensitivity to foods are probably environmental, and related to Western lifestyles. Research has shown that some food processing methods increases the allergenicity of food proteins […] and they also may compromise the nutritional composition of foods.[1] As you can see in most of the cases the food itself has nothing to do with all the appearing health conditions but rather how it is designed and altered, how it is grown with bioengineering and herbicides, and also how it is sourced.


Due to our lifestyle choices and environmental causes our immunity has become compromised. And this is where e.g. glandular therapy could come in. It can be used when an organ is weak or diseased but it is also recommended for preventative measures. Another principle behind the benefit of glandular therapy is that glandular tissues are rich in many nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, polypeptides, enzymes, and many other substances, and this is another reason why they work. The tissues work with all other products and foods you ingest. In this sense, glandular therapy can supply your missing essential nutritional needs in a highly efficient manner. For a tissue cell to repair or replace itself, it must have the raw materials to do so. Glandular therapy provides these raw materials to your weakened organs, glands, and other tissues so that they can start the process of regeneration.

As we age, our bodies must fight harder and harder to maintain optimal performance. Products that strengthen our system and supply it can ease the body’s immunological load to help us age well.

We all know that environmental contamination, decline of quality in raw materials used in pharmaceuticals and the overuse of allopathic drugs are only few of the mainly discussed problems of our age. All of our choices could be one element that either increases or decreases the odds of becoming sick. The question is: what choices are we willing to make?


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[1] Cahill O, 2018.