“If we really want to eradicate cancer, we must do things differently than what we are currently doing. We must eliminate what is causing disease to spiral out of control.”

The discussion of cancer is kind of a taboo subject for the health industry, it is one of those sacred cows that affects most families and is on everyone’s mind yet alternative treatment is seldom discussed. We all know the drill of being diagnosed with cancer; I have faced the discussion many times when in clinical practice and with family members over the years. Here is what the numbers say: according to a study published in the British Journal of Cancer one in two people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime and one in four will die from cancer. Over 10 million people die from cancer every year; every sixth death is attributed to cancer.

Many of my patients would come to me with stage 4 cancers—after exhausting the medical route and sent home to die—saying to me “you are my last hope.” Seeing their fear was the hardest thing for me to deal with and my answer was always the same, “when there is breath there is also hope.”

The medical route has not changed much over the years, the doctor evaluates the tumor size and area then treats the symptoms by cutting and burning and destroying what’s left of the patient’ immune system. I recently had a family member die from thyroid cancer; it was an advanced form called myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS), associated with autoimmune thyroid disease (ATD). The treatment was to reduce the mass, the tumor that had formed on the thyroid gland. The tumor removal could have restricted speech so instead several treatments of chemotherapy combined with radiation were given and when that failed an experimental drug was administered. In a matter of months her body gave out from toxicity and exhaustion, and she passed away.

Cancer patients suffer from numerous symptoms resulting from the primary disease or focal point, and/or from the treatment of disease, mainly chemotherapy and radiation.  Collectively, these symptoms distress and impose an added burden of the patient; treatment is subjective of the tumor origin which has caused the disease and created the side effects. These symptoms are categorized under disease terminologies such as pain, gastrointestinal symptoms (e.g., nausea, diarrhea), wasting/cachexia, fatigue, cognitive impairments, inflammation, sleep deprivation, anxiety, and depression. Symptoms can cause treatment delays or lead to premature treatment termination, and may impair function and rehabilitation, and cause significant physical and mental distress.

I have always been amazed at how short sighted the medical treatment model is—perhaps since medical doctors are not trained on the causal chain of disease, instead they are trained with treating the tip of the iceberg and not the root cause of how the disease was formed. The naturopathic approach would have evaluated the terrain, the person, and built the immunity from the level of the cause of disease while keeping the patient’s immune system intact. Let me be very clear, there is no magic bullet when it comes to treating cancer, and there is no healer on the planet that can cure cancer. Cancer and all diseases are dependent on bringing the body into a state of balance so that the body can treat itself. We have lost our way in treating disease; instead we focus on the visible, the symptom, and not the unseen origin of the disease process.

Some form of thyroid disease affects everyone on the planet; we don’t associate the thyroid connection to the symptoms, instead we just live with being moody, tired, hot and cold, and use the fault of aging to write off the hormonal imbalance as getting older. You have more than likely seen the sudden rise to autoimmune disorders, our systems are attacking themselves. We are coming to the place where immunity will depend on the next drug or vaccine; some call this progress yet I don’t see it that way. Our natural herd immunity is quickly being destroyed from environmental toxins and the inability of creating our own immune defense—nature is being substituted for what is produced in the lab. Do we have the character and the ethics for this alternative treatment, are the motives of the pharmaceutical companies pure and directed for the health betterment of society or for the benefits of their shareholders?

I have always believed in the holistic treatment of the patient. With cancer treatment this must be done in a systematic manner, the causal chain of the disease process must be considered for an effective therapeutic outcome without the added risk of side effects. My original hypothesis is that cancer is the result of a breakdown of the body’s immune system; the origin could be as a result of environmental toxins due to harmful herbicides and pesticides, persistent UV exposure, radiation exposure, inadequate diet, sudden stress, gene mutation left untreated, and hormone imbalance.

These causes of disease process (origin) lead to the body’s inability to function normally, thus creating toxic build-ups throughout the body leading to a clinical cancer mass. There is no medical treatment to stop or reverse the healing process once the cancer wound is created. The medical treatment is normally invasive surgery to cut out the tumor followed by chemotherapy, radiation or both, or left untreated exhausting the body’s system to death. The logic of this cancer mechanism is consistent with the rationales of the other physiological metabolisms in the body for survival.

My hypothesis and proposed treatment would be to heal the wound origin in a holistic manner, treating the cause of the tumor through the causal chain of events resulting in the tumor formation, and with this focal point in mind, through lifestyle change combined with the proposed treatment being created.

Cancer is a multi-faceted process and to understand the treatment one must consider unlocking the mysteries of the disease pathway, such as why cancer exists normally in a healthy system and treated by the body’s immune on a daily basis without disease proliferation. My hypothesis is used as the basis of my uncertainty in the creation of a treatment to help cancer suffers who are treated under the current medical procedures or as a means of cancer prevention from any recurrence of metastasis.

I can’t discuss natural cancer treatments without repercussion, but if I were dealing with cancer, I would treat the issues associated with the forming of cancer. Science has investigated several treatment options such as melatonin, and since melatonin is a hormone, it must be pure, USP pharmaceutical grade.

In one clinical trial, patients with glioblastoma (a type of brain cancer) were given either radiation and 20mg melatonin, or radiation alone. Twenty-three percent of the patients who took the melatonin were alive after a year, while none who had received only radiation were still alive. Similarly, in another study by oncologists in Italy, patients with non-small cell lung cancers, who had failed chemotherapy, were given melatonin. They were compared with other patients with non-small cell lung cancers who weren’t given melatonin. A year later, 26 percent of the patients who had taken melatonin were still alive; whereas, none in the non-melatonin group remained alive.[1]

The basics—zinc picolinate—must also be given because without zinc there is no immunity. Re-establishing the gut bacteria is a must: a fully balanced probiotic combined with a prebiotic complex, for all disease begins in the gut. Also vitamin D and vitamin C are very important, and one of my favorites is thymus gland, taken with the amino acid l-glycine.

The open discussion of disease treatment must not be placed on the shelf, nor should it be reserved to one form of treatment. If we really want to eradicate cancer, we must do things differently than what we are currently doing. We must eliminate what is causing disease to spiral out of control, we must do it openly, and not confined to a specific group that promotes both the cause and also the treatment. We need honesty and transparency and not exclusivity.



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