Nutraceuticals: Quality Equals Price. Integrity Equals Trust.

When it comes to natural health products not all nutraceuticals are created equal. This is true all the way through the process. From developing formulations to the selection of raw materials each manufacturer has a different system.

Yet this system, which ultimately creates the final product, is in and of itself based on a system of values; what type of company do we want to be? What type of product do we want to produce? Do we want to produce high valued products that provide solutions to the consumer’s problems? Or do we provide a product that has little or no value – albeit unknown to the consumer?

When a company sits down to set out its core values, one of the variables that management takes into consideration is the consumer’s mindset; How much does the consumer know about our industry or the products that they are going to buy? Is the consumer well versed or educated in their purchase? Do they know the details and the intricacies of the product that they intend on purchasing?

For those companies that possess high levels of integrity the end product will always provide the necessary solution to the problems that besets the consumer. For those at the other end of the spectrum a less valued product possessing little or no value will be marketed and sold [at a very inexpensive price].

Much like how quality equals price, management integrity equates to consumer trust.

Like anything of value it must be first built in in order to be achieved, if you are an architect and you fail to draw in a guest room would you be surprised if it is not included in the construction? The same holds true to producing natural therapeutic medicine. Customers and naturopathic doctors often ask us, “If a product is licensed by Health Canada, shouldn’t it be high quality and therapeutic?” Ideally, it should be, but all products are not created equally. This is mainly because of the great differences there are in the sourcing of raw materials. NPN licensing simply becomes window dressing. It has the ability to hide the real issues of providing therapeutic results and creates empty hope for those who are suffering and seeking natural relief. Customers must question the things they take into their bodies, especially when it is intended to bring better health: and from this starting position they will find the products best suited to maintain their health or to have it restored.

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Dr. Eldon Dahl, DNM, is the Founder and CEO of Life Choice Nutraceutical Product Line.