Eating Meat or the Diabolical Alternative


“Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” (Henry Kissinger)


You may not be soldiers but more than likely you have been in the trenches longer than you may have liked. Wars have been waged for as long as I can remember. They are not visibly seen, the sophistication is like any covert operations. They always give a noble cause like the population explosion or mass starvation—their solution eliminates germinating seeds with single crop genetically modified seeds thus controlling all the farmers.

In reality the hungry have increased, yet GMO seeds control most cereal gain crops. Next is humanities footprint on planet Earth. Al Gore put the fear of God in everyone: according to his prediction, Florida flooded five years ago. The climate war continues and humanity must pay. Let’s do our part to lower emissions and carbon tax everyone for humanities penance excluding politicians and the elite. Do not look at the sun and earth cycles for responsibility, keep your eyes on fearless Greta. The war of the last two years is the fear of death, our immunity is no longer effective. Mainstream media reports from the front lines: “it is dark folks, death is on the horizon!” Think of strangers as possible disease spreaders, cover your face, the air is deadly, passport control is for your protection but have no fear, the pharma army is here: billions of shots, no one will be left behind. One, two, three, ah who is counting, we are at war.

The next war to save the planet is directed to bovine flatulence, nip it in the butt.  We are not the quickest learners and when the media get their campaign going to support the Gates Foundation meat replacement cell based crops, the supply side will make it commercially available and sold for the good of the planet. Back to the lab, using the established genetically modified technology, to replace meat with something that looks, tastes and smells like meat. Do not worry, they have their best interests in mind—watch the news and it will go down easy. If you are like me, you smell it one hundred miles away that it is sick and not for our best interests at all.

Vilifying and outlawing meat—this is what is going on. But if history has taught us anything, it is that rulers and overlords thrived on eating meat while forcing the common folk to survive on whole wheat (not the GMO replacement wheat of today) because certain foods pacify and weaken, creating a sicker more easily controlled society. This move is not for the health of humanity, it is for the control of humanity, fueled by profit.

In 2022 you will be hearing the term molecular farming. According to an article written by Camille Bond in The Spoon, “the practice—which involves genetically editing a crop so that its cells produce a desired protein—is being discussed as a way to rapidly produce proteins for COVID-19 vaccines. In the food industry, molecular farming is one route to producing the animal proteins that give egg, dairy, and meat products their visual, taste, and functional properties (…) without the need for any actual animals.”[1]

What does the plant-based diet look like in comparison to the meat diet? We know that the wheat diet makes people less assertive and docile—not to mention other health problems created by such eating habits. Weakening people is not a new concept, in fact, similar attempts have been executed in the past. Japan could be one of the examples but there are many more.[2] “It is generally believed the Japanese race was formulated from multiple ethnic groups, with a strong influence from so-called “hunting people.” The prohibition of a meat diet, however, was not a result of the dissemination of Buddhism, but was because of orders from the rulers at the time. Animal meat and milk are ideal protein sources for humans, which most likely contributed to the physical buildup and stamina of Caucasians.”[3]

Uneducated, weak and subservient are much easier to control. Now that cell-based meat is not science fiction anymore but reality, our future could be very much affected by it. And, of course, it is a huge business for some companies. “At the end of 2020, there were more than 70 start-ups across the globe working on making meat, seafood, and animal fat and organs from cells, according to the Good Food Institute. As of the end of last year, these companies, which all aim to serve meat without slaughtering animals, received more than $350 million from investors to work on R&D, build facilities, hire employees and expand their reach.”[4]

Plants today have been engineered for greater concentrations of sugars, carbs and who knowns what else, while many of them are even toxic. Eating food sold as being healthy, increasing GMO veggies and fruits while lowering animal products intake does not sound like medical advice. Diseases could develop quickly and be blamed on a virus or toxin, when in fact the early deaths from unknown metabolic diseases such as heart attacks, cancers, diabetes, obesity, depression, Alzheimer’s and dementia will be chalked up as part of the aging process.

If you follow the money and the control the money buys, you know this is not for your health’s sake but for profit and global control. While genetically modified food is deemed safe and crops grown with chemicals such as Round-Up (a known carcinogenic agent) are acceptable for human health by the FDA, WHO and Health Canada, these corporations will not only control the drugs you take and how your immune system works, they will also control the food you eat while eliminating independent farmers.

It is quite a scary plan that will be executed in the name of sustainability and global warming prevention. Last year Canada changed its long standing food guide lowering meat consumption and increasing a plant-based protein diet.  This is not by chance; it is the global thrust to vilify meat and to price it outside most people’s budget.

It is possible that in the not so distant future we will no longer have control over what we eat, how our food is processed and what it costs while meat-packers’ profit will continue to rise selling cell based meats. “Veganism is being advanced as the most ethical way to sustain the planet, and to promote human health and animal welfare.  But along with that, ranchers and small- and medium-scale beef-packers are being marginalized. The very consumption of meat is being damned.  Deploying outright lies, a misguided agenda threatens individual liberty and our freedom to farm, own livestock, control our land, and choose our diet.”[5]


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