• Author: Dr. Morton Walker DMSO has been called a "miracle" drug:
    • Relieving pain
    • Diminishing swelling
    • Reduces inflammation
    • Encourages healing
    • Restores normal function
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  • Author: Dr. Howard Davis
    • Are you fighting the aging process?
    • What is the secret to staying young?
    • Has the answer finally been found?
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  • Order Natural Medicine For A Sick World Now! Dr. Dahl covers a variety of issues in this book:
    • Healthy aging and avoidance of pre-mature aging
    • The importance of endocrine balance and hormone regulation
    • The healthy and natural maintenance of your skin
    • The importance of healthy gut environment and probiotics
    • The Thyroid disease epidemic of our time
    • The emergence of Cancer in our industrialized society
    • Mental health challenges and solutions
    • The importance of maintaining a strong and robust Immune system in the age of COVID
    • And many other issues that plague our modern age!
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  • Author: Eric Braverman, MD
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