Progest Liposome Cream 59g


  • Replenishes and protects the skin’s moisture barrier
  • Soothes dry skin
  • Non-GMO
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
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“My energy, sleep, emotional state, menstrual cycle and more have turned around with the daily use of this cream. I cannot express strongly enough how much better I feel when using this product as I begin to go through menopause.”

“Almost afraid to review this wonderful cream as I don’t want to ever be without it . Hopefully it won’t disappear off the market as soon as people find out how effective it is . Can’t say enough!!!!! Am 56 and going through menopause. Haven’t slept in years the way I am since starting this wonder cream. Fabulous stuff. Still menopausal, but can face the day a little stronger and happier with all this peaceful restful sleep!!!!! Don’t hesitate to try it!!!!! I find it to be best at night just before bedtime. Within a half hour I’m off to dreamland.”

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CNF 171723

For additional research and study: White Paper

Ingredients: Aqua, Aloe barbadensis leaf juice, Lecithin, Persea gratissima (avocado) oil, Punica granatum extract, Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf oil, Soy isoflavones (Non-GMO), Trifolium pratense (clover) leaf extract, Glucose, Tocopheryl acetate, Citrus grandis (grapefruit) seed extract, glucose, lactoperoxidase glucose, oxidase glucose.

100% pure pharmaceutical ingredients.

Contains no wheat, corn, yeast or dairy.

Suggested Use: Apply 1/2 teaspoon of cream twice daily into smooth skin areas such as wrists, face, throat or chest. For topical use only. Do not use on mucous membranes. Individual needs may vary.

Warning: See your health care provider if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Taking medication or under any medical care. Do not use if either tamper-evident seal is broken or missing. Keep out of reach of children.




What is Life Choice® Progest Liposome Cream for?

Life Choice® Progest Liposome Cream is an excellent option to help balance the female hormones during the different phases of the cycles of life, from menstruation to menopause.

What is the source of progesterone in Life Choice® Progest Liposome Cream?

There is no progesterone in Progest Liposome cream. Life Choice® Progest Liposome Cream has been formulated by our clinical pharmacist and ND. The USP grade ingredients used are supported by scientific evidence to be helpful to boost the endogenous Progesterone levels without progesterone being added, o help balance the body’s hormones. It is plant based, the Isoflavones are certified as being made from Non-GMO soy, it is well known that Isoflavones can stimulate the fibroblast to make collagen and hyaluronic acid, and it’s thought to prevent the skin from physiological aging, and may have an ability to prevent UV damage. Studies have demonstrated an interrelation between photo-aging and the decline of estrogen in women, and a reduction of skin elasticity. According the scientific studies, the formulation produces anti-estrogenic properties which help the secretion of endogenous progesterone. The rest of the method is proprietary.

I have low progesterone, and am wondering if Progest Liposome cream can help raise my progesterone levels?

According to clinical studies the ingredients in our Progest cream formula could help you balance your hormone levels. However, with this condition it is always best to visit a naturopath and get a professional advice and maybe get on a natural protocol that can help balance your hormones to normal levels.

Can I use Progest Liposome Cream in the first stage of pregnancy?

Yes, it is safe to use Life Choice Liposome Cream in the first stage of pregnancy.

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