Women’s Health: How to Stay Healthy For Women in their 20s and 30s

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This is the 1st in a 3 part series focusing on women’s health. The series is brought to by Life Choice Limited of Cochrane, AB. Life Choice Ltd is a leader in the manufacturing of high quality nutracuticals.

(Excerpts from WebMD)

Lifestyle Choices. Skip the fried and fatty foods, and strive for at least 150 minutes of exercise a week across as many days of the week as you can. Eating healthily, not smoking, drinking alcohol only in moderation and keeping active are the health gifts that keep on giving. If you get into these habits now, the benefits will last a lifetime.

Planning a pregnancy?  If you plan on having children, the NHS recommends taking folic acid supplements now. The benefits of folic acid for the developing fetus kick in even before you know you’re pregnant. See your GP or pharmacist to find out more.

Life Choice’s Balanced Female 

Women's Health

  • Helps to reduce the loss of bone mineral density in post-menopausal women
  • Relieves muscle and joint pain associated with rheumatic conditions
  • Eases nervous tension
  • Provides relief for menopausal symptoms
  • Added benefit when combined with Progest Lispsome Cream

Throughout history, women have been regarded as complex creatures indeed, and that complexity extends to their body chemistry, too. Life Choice Balanced Female is a special formulation intended to help women ensure the inner balance that results in overall feelings of running like a well-oiled machine.  We have combined the finest ingredients, from the traditional to the modern, in a synergistic formula with one goal in mind: to balance the female body for its optimal sense of well-being. more

Work on your relationship – with your doctor, that is. Make sure you sign up with a new GP if you move away from the surgery you attended as a child. Things to ask your doctor now: What contraceptive method is right for you? How can you best prevent sexually transmitted infections?

 Life Choice’s Progest Liposome Cream


Life Choice Progest Liposome Cream is an excellent option to help balance the female hormones during the different phases and cycles of life, from menstruation to menopause.

Hormonal levels naturally rise and fall during the menstrual cycle, and some woman experience negative symptoms known collectively as Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, or PMS. Some common symptoms of PMS are water retention, breast tenderness, migraines, mood swings and cramping. Supplementing with natural Progest Liposome cream simulates the body’s own hormone production and helps to bring balance and equilibrium back to the body by decreasing the symptoms.


Know your family health history.  Did your grandmother die of breast cancer or heart disease at 50? Does diabetes run in the family? These are important questions to ask your parents and grandparents while you still can. Build a family medical history tree.

Don’t forget key screening tests. Make sure you get your invitations for regular cervical cancer test.

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WebMD “Simple Health Steps for Women In their 20’s and 30’s








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