Why USP Pharmaceutical Grade Food Supplements Are Needed Today More Than Ever Before

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Health is becoming more and more elusive these days for many reasons. Two of the big reasons are environmental toxins and lack of nutrition in food.

Genetically modified foods have permeated most of the globe, with detrimental effects. An article on Taylor & Francis Online states, “Animal toxicity studies with certain GM foods have shown that they may toxically affect several organs and systems. The review of these studies should not be conducted separately for each GM food, but according to the effects exerted on certain organs it may help us create a better picture of the possible health effects on human beings. The results of most studies with GM foods indicate that they may cause some common toxic effects such as hepatic, pancreatic, renal, or reproductive effects and may alter the hematological, biochemical, and immunologic parameters.”

Even organic food may not be safe. In a written testimony for the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Mark Castel of the Cornucopia Institute explained another looming problem: “We found that although there were many exemplary U.S. manufacturers . . . the majority of the participants in the organic soy industry were shifting to Chinese organic imports . . . At a time of rapid industry growth, instead of paying U.S. farmer cooperatives the market rate for certified organic soybeans, they threw U.S. organic producers under the bus by asking them to match cheaper Chinese prices (which they were unable to do). The company has since shifted most of their products over to conventional soybeans . . . And whether it’s melamine contaminating processed food, rat meat masquerading as lamb, or dead hogs floating down rivers supplying the drinking water, many Chinese consumers don’t trust their domestically produced food.”

Marvin J. Levine writes in his book, Pesticides: A Toxic Time Bomb in Our Midst, “New studies suggest that pesticides may compromise the immune systems of infants and children. Children are exposed to pesticides at home, at school, in playgrounds and parks, in food, and in water. Nationwide, 85 percent of households had at least one pesticide, and 47 percent of households with children under the age of five were found to store at least one pesticide within the reach of children.”

Between pesticides (such as Roundup), antibiotics, and the GMO food, soil around the world is becoming empty, without the mineral content needed to sustain life.

According to the journal Food Policy, soils with severe depletion of their carbon pool have low agronomic yield and low use efficiency of added input. In the coming years, the increasing population will make providing adequate food resources tricky enough–much less fully nutritious food.

The problem is, even though supplements should ideally make up for the wide nutritional gap, much supplement sourcing is not any better than the food sourcing. The raw materials used in supplement manufacturing can be broken down into 3 grades: pharmaceutical (which meets pharmaceutical standards of purity 97.5%+); food grade, which meets the standards for human consumption (more added fillers); and feed grade, which meets the standards for animal consumption (low quality, not much regulation). Most supplements (especially if the supplements aren’t very expensive) would qualify as feed grade. The difference between the grades is essentially in the processing, which may have harsh chemical extraction residue, lack of quality testing, and less absorption.

USP pharmaceutical grade products meet the highest available standards. Since 1906, USP has been the standard for quality and purity of therapeutic agents used by the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA, so it is what Life Choice uses, as well. Because the material is as pure as possible and doesn’t have unnecessary fillers, when you take our supplements, you are getting as much of that high grade raw material as possible–it’s not diluted down with fillers or processed with a ton of chemicals. If you’re looking for genuine nutrition, you’re looking for USP pharmaceutical grade, which means you are looking for Life Choice.

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