Rejoice If You And Your Family Are Healthy, You Are In The Minority, Consider Yourselves Blessed!

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I recently attended a reunion where I was outwardly comparing myself with those my age; and it quickly became evident who takes care of their health and those folks who have not. Those vigilant concerning the state of their health, watching every possible threat and making adjustments for avoidance of any and all toxins;  you all need to take a moment and count your blessings. Our state of our health, and all things being considered equal, really rests between our own two hands.  The system won’t save you, and if you are waiting for the science – you should hedge your bet. If you are not taking pharmaceutical drugs, if you’re like myself and you choose to serve your family organic food, choose to eat organic simply as an assurance that it is no-GMO , choose to read each label and supplement with nutraceuticals to cover deficiencies….you my friends are in the minority. Your achievements need to be celebrated; you are doing a wonderful job of prevention and avoiding premature aging and disease.

According to the article, “Aging as a Biological Target for Prevention and Therapy” they make the declaration that  chronic health problems are related to the unprecedented aging of the human population in the 21st century and threaten to disrupt economies and degrade the quality of later life throughout the developed world. Fortunately, research has shown that the fundamental aging processes can be targeted by nutritional, genetic, and pharmacologic interventions to enhance and extend both health and longevity and based on experimental animal models. These findings clearly demonstrate that the biological rate of aging can be slowed:

I am a firm believer in practicing anti-aging principles for the price of maintaining health is far less expensive than trying to regain ones health. Through discovery, and rather than leaning to the pharmacological intervention my preference is choosing the naturopathic approach of intervention for it is effective and without side effects and dependency. The article goes on to state the links that target the biological aging processes to prevent – or at a minimum delay – the onset and progression of multiple chronic diseases and debilities that are typically observed in older adults. Through animal experimentation interventions extended the life span and prevented or slowed the progress of cancer, reduced atherosclerotic lesions, improve heart function, alleviated normal age-related cognitive loss, and even improved vaccine response.

Isn’t that the sort of results we all wish for; to achieve a full life, remaining healthy while building the health of your children so they can outlive you and live a long life?

According to the US government the rate of death from individual diseases is stratified by age. The rate of death by the advancement of age are for all major conditions from heart disease, cancer, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic kidney diseases, type 2 diabetes  and Alzheimer disease. The term multimorbidity is defined as the presence of two or more chronic medical conditions in an individual and it can present several challenges in care particularly with higher numbers of coexisting conditions and related poly-pharmacy. In addition, the treatment of the various diseases is with multiple drugs with each having the potential for adverse drug interactions.

A news survey has revealed that 55% of Americans are taking four different drugs on average:

Medical science treats the symptom of disease and not the core, and due to the drug interactions the side effects created need additional drug treatments which compounds the healing process resulting in additional disease symptoms. This pathway to healing goes contrary to the body’s natural design and is destined to fail each and every time. In my lectures I state time and time again that disease, like wolves, travel in packs, and the ones hidden in the shadows pounce when the opportunity presents itself. The same holds true to treating the symptoms of disease as one area is treated another diseased area presents itself for treatment as the spiral effect deepens and the patient becomes more toxic. The naturopathic approach for disease treatment must be holistic, treating the core health issues which I refer as, “Go To Treatments.” The natural treatment approach must ascertain the body as a whole, and treatment must be directed to all systems at the same time, the immune system, the endocrine system, the gastrointestinal system and the cardiovascular system which includes the liver. This is the only pathway towards health restoration and for the prevention of disease when treating the core health issue and all regions affected allowing for proper drainage and balancing. We have designed treatment protocols for each system and when applied holistically the body responds with healing. Once health is restored a disease prevention protocol should be followed.

In the midst of a global disease, and for remaining healthy, the responsibility rests within our own two hands … and it all comes down to making the right choices. The awareness and avoidance of environmental toxins, the food we eat, the water we drink, and the medicines we take; remembering what is absorbed to the cells (and not the gut) matters, All disease conditions can be treated using  professional (natural) therapeutic medicine; in fact it’s our only alternative to allopathic prescription drugs with their host of side effects.

Visualize living healthy for 120 years while keeping in mind the unexpected.

Best of health.

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