Natural Medicine For A Sick World

by Eldon Dahl, DNM

Release Date: May 14, 2021

Knowledge is Power When it Comes to Your Health!

“As far as I can remember, my entire life has been dedicated to natural medicine. As a boy, I began reading medical books, journals and even clinical studies. I was fascinated by the function of the immune system and the correlation between its decline and onset of disease.

I was so intrigued by the healing potential of natural products that I went back to school. I became a naturopathic doctor in 1988 and entered clinical practice.

Thirty plus years ago naturopathic medicine was not the first means of treatment; on the contrary it was the last resort when all other medical treatments had failed. In clinical practice my patient load was mainly dealing with chronic disease, Stage four cancers, AIDS, ALS and other neuromuscular disorders such as MS and Parkinson’s disease. Where there is breath there is also hope, I treated my patients. I ordered raw materials from abroad and compounded formulations specific to my patients needs and the results were simply amazing. This was the beginning of the Life Choice product line, a direct alternative to allopathic medicine without the side effects.

Natural Medicine For A Sick World is the culmination of over three decades of delivering healing and wellness to those who have needed it the most: first my patients, then my customers.”

Eldon Dahl, DNM