The Disorder that Is Not Dementia  

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Normal-pressure hydrocephalus (NPH) is a brain disorder that is often mistaken for dementia, even by doctors–but it is not dementia. And, thankfully, it is reversible. NPH is characterized by the build up of spinal fluid on the skull, which puts pressure on the brain. Treatment of NPH usually consists of surgery to drain the fluid. If diagnosed early, full memory function can be restored. The problem, though, is that too often, NPH is misdiagnosed as something more serious, and patients are left bedridden or in nursing homes. Unfortunately, a single standard of testing for NPH does not currently exist, but scientists are hopeful that supplemental tests can fill the gap for an accurate diagnosis, at least for the time being. The long-term outlook for treated NPH patients is positive, with an 87% success rate. Almost everyone who had two stent treatments experienced improvement in symptoms.

This is yet another example of the importance of a second opinion when given a grim medical prognosis. It could make all the difference in the treatment you are given. Our product Neurotransmitter Support has been helpful for multiple people with various head injuries. A University of Berkeley study found great potential for aging rats in the combination of acetyl-l-carnitine and alpha lipoic acid, and we began our formulation from this starting point.

Here are just a few of the testimonials we have received:

“I am writing this letter to let you know how pleased I am with your product Neurotransmitter Support. I suffered from a severe concussion in 2002 in which I hit the back of my head on the ice. It took two years for me to come around and many problems with it. In 2007 I started to have mini-strokes and continued to have many of them which affected my speech and was unable to comprehend much on a daily basis. I was introduced to Neurotransmitter Support March 3, 2016 at Treat Yourself Wellness Centre in Sarnia, ON. I can honestly say that I have phenomenally improved. I no longer suffer with mini-strokes, my thoughts are much clearer and I am able to keep a full conversation going. This product has definitely saved my life. My new husband to be has seen a big improvement in me and that makes me very happy. Thank you so much for offering such a great product which I will be using for the rest of my life.” -Customer, Sandy A. from ON

“I was in an accident that caused a head injury. I was trampled by a horse and the damage I received was 3 skull fractures and 3 brain bleeds. I was unconscious for 15 min and I don’t have any memory from the first 4 days after my accident. I was in the ICU for 1 week and continued living at the hospital for 1 month in the rehabilitation section. I had a lot of trouble with short term memory, balance, dizziness and many other issues. I even had to learn how to walk again. I was stuck with a wheelchair and walkers to get around. I have an amazing family and they helped me every step of the way. Because of my family helping me and getting me 24/7 home care, I was able to get released from the hospital sooner than most people.  As soon as I got home we started looking at natural ways to help speed up the healing.  We got a bottle of the Life Choice Neurotransmitter Support from the health food store. Within a week I was starting to improve; and after taking a couple bottles, we could not believe how well I was doing. I’m now 6 months past my injury and the Neurologist can’t believe how well I am doing. Most people take up to a year or longer to get back to normal. I was able to go back to work part time when I was only 3 months after the accident; and I am able to walk alone and drive a car again. This product really improved my health.” -Customer, Carrie M. from ON

As we discover new scientific insights, we must re-examine treatment modalities, for what may appear characteristically for one condition may be completely different. Single standard testing may group multiple health conditions, and the treatment used may not be specific to the patient’s health condition, and in fact, may do further harm. When drugs are administered unnecessarily without targeting the actual core of the disease or disorder, the patient suffers, with a perfect example being NPH. A deeper evaluation and a second opinion should always be considered, and when brain injuries occur and memory is failing, it would be useful to first examine professionally produced natural medicine, such as the case with Neurotransmitter Support. The outcome may just save your life.


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