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Can I buy from you directly? How do I order from you?

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Currently, in Canada, individual customers cannot purchase from Life Choice directly. We are a wholesale company dedicated to the natural health industry. We believe in supporting the industry in every way possible. This is why, in Canada, our products are only available through health food stores and naturopaths. We believe their physical presence in the community is vital for the health and well-being of others. Please check the Store Locator section of our site to find a local or online store. We have listed online retailers in our FAQ’s, as well.

However, we do sell directly to other countries. For those in other countries, visit our International Site to purchase.

No stores near me carry your products. Are there other options?

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Many of our retail customers also sell our products online. Please see the list below:

Abaco Health:

Aviva Natural Health Solutions:

Community Natural Foods:

*Bilingual* Gagne en Sante: or

Happy Biopharma:

Health in Herbals:

Lifestyle Markets:

Natural Health Garden:; Phone orders also accepted– (416) 258-1888

*Bilingual* National Nutrition:; Phone orders also accepted– (800) 526-9772

Surrey Natural Foods:


Vitarock: Phone orders also accepted–(855) 735-6536


Volta Health Products: Phone orders also accepted–(888) 901-8077

What are your order minimums for retailers?

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For free shipping, orders must reach $300 or more. The minimum order is $200 (shipping charge applied). Orders below $200 are subject to the shipping fee, plus a handling fee. For more information, please see our Terms and Conditions.

Are Life Choice products safe for those who are vegan or who have allergies?

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The Life Choice line is gluten free, and also vegan–except for the glandulars and the digestive enzyme. The glandular products are: Thyroid Support Homeopathic, Thydracut, Adrenal Gland, Thymus Gland, and HgH+ Homeopathic. The homeopathic products contain no animal hormones, but the energy contained in the supplements is from organic New Zealand Bovine.

How can I bring Life Choice into my store?

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Contact our office with your GST number or naturopathic registration number, as well as your contact info and billing information. We can either set up an account for you directly, or we can arrange a meeting with one of our sales representatives (depending on the province) to give you a hands-on look at our line.

Why is my favourite Life Choice product no longer available?

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In the case of products produced before NPN regulations, it is a matter of legality. Health Canada is now enforcing NPN (Natural Product Number) compliance. If a product is being sold without a NPN, fines for both the manufacturer and the store can range up to $5 million. As we cannot afford this price tag, and we also do not want to put our customers in a precarious legal or financial position, either, we are choosing to abide by Health Canada’s regulations. We hope to bring back the “old favourites” as soon as possible; however, our ability to do so depends on Health Canada’s status of these products. As these products become available, we will keep you updated. When making order requests, it is not a bad idea to ask if there is a more up to date price list available, so that you can always be aware of upcoming products.

If the product was produced by Life Choice with a NPN and was later discontinued, it was probably due to either a lack of demand, or difficulty in acquiring the needed raw materials. If demand resurges enough, we might be able to bring these products back! However, it is also possible that regulatory changes affected product availability. Either way, if you are missing one of these products, let us know; we can provide updates on the status of the product, or suggest alternatives.

How can I get the most up to date Life Choice news?

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The best way to stay up to date is to read our blog and follow us on Facebook. On our Newsletters page, you can also view/subscribe to our latest weekly newsletters. And, of course, you can always contact us at Head Office, as well.

Do you have printable order forms on this site?

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We do, though the forms can only be accessed by logged in customers. Once you login, when you visit any product or product category page, a button will appear on the top right side of your screen. Click this button to download an alphabetical order form (pdf). The form can then be printed or saved as per your preference.

Why does Zinc Picolinate have 50 mg and 10 mg on the label?

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The licensing of our Zinc Picolinate is for the elemental amount of zinc per capsule, which in our case is 10 mg. When zinc (10 mg) is in a picolinate state like ours, it must be bound with 40 mg of picolinic acid to pass through the intestinal wall. This gives the true label claim of 50 mg zinc picolinate (total contained in each capsule), which delivers 10 mg of elemental zinc to the cells. Dosing should be according to the 10 mg elemental zinc, not the 50 mg zinc and picolinic acid.