Canada: June 2 is National Health and Fitness Day

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Saturday, June 2 is Related imageNational Health and Fitness Day, an initiative to make Canada the fittest nation on Earth. To celebrate, Life Choice Limited of Cochrane, AB encourages all Canadians to get involved and to participate at one of their local community fitness and recreation centers or private fitness clubs. For those who enjoy a less crowded environment, Life Choice suggests a leisurely neighborhood or nature walk with family or friends.

Top 10 health and fitness ideas brought to you by Life Choice

nature walk, golf, swimming, weight work out, tennis, running, bowling, soccer, skating, backpacking

What ever your choice, Life Choice says “Get involved on June 2 and lets make Canada the fittest nations on earth!”

 National Health & Fitness Day


The health benefits of walking courtesy of Life Choice

Life Choice Ltd is  a leader in the natural supplements industry. They remind us that walking is one of the best exercises that an individual can do to stay fit.  First, it is easy to do. Second, the benefits are enormous.

Some of the benefits of walking:

A – When you walk, you reduce your blood pressure and improve your cardiovascular system.

B – When you walk, you build muscle strength and endurance.  This leads to healthier bones which results in fewer muscle aches.

C – When you walk, you reduce your stress level and slow down the aging process.

D – Most importantly, when you walk, your renewed energy will give you the ability to do more outdoor activity with your family and friends.

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