Drugs or Naturopathic Solutions with Natural Medicine (Series)–Pain  

We all know that chronic pain is a struggle–especially if we are the ones living with it. However, it may be more prevalent than originally believed. The statistics below show an epidemic of pain in North American culture. For severe chronic pain, opioids have become popular treatments. However, they are also highly addictive, which has

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Life Choice® an Environmentally Conscious Company

Corporate citizenship involves the social responsibility of businesses and the extent to which they meet legal, ethical and economic responsibilities, as established by stakeholders. The goal is to produce higher standards of living and quality of life for the communities that surround them and still maintain profitability for stakeholders. The demand for socially responsible corporations  continues to grow,

Disease Treatments: Prescription Drugs or Naturopathic Solutions with Natural Medicine (Series)–Depression

Last week, CTV shared the story of William Jamieson, a 23-year-old who had been battling severe depression since age 16. Jamieson struggled under multiple unsuccessful treatments until coming across the party drug ketamine. In the medical field, ketamine has been used to treat pain, and doctors are starting to try it for depression; however, this off-label

Burns: An Introductions to burns and how to treat them

Introduction to burns The skin has an important role to play in the fluid and temperature regulation of the body. If enough skin area is injured, the ability to maintain that control can be lost. The skin also acts as a protective barrier against the bacteria and viruses that inhabit the world outside the body.

Institutional Betrayal, Medical Mistakes

CTV recently shared the story of Allison Kooijman, who suffered from a life-altering misdiagnosis, unnecessary surgery, and no answers when it was all over. Kooijman was the victim of something called “institutional betrayal.” In short, institutional betrayal is when an institution someone trusted in does not prevent or address a negative experience, which compounds the victim’s

The Basics: Understanding Ear Infections

What Is an Ear Infection? An ear infection is commonly referred as otitis media, where this type of infection or inflammation typically affects the region located in the middle ear behind the eardrum. An estimated 75 percent of children are known to have at least one episode of otitis media prior before three years of