Meditation, Faith and Natural Healing

  Generally, medicinal treatment is thought of in strictly concrete terms. However, the spiritual side of healing–faith and meditation–also plays a powerful role in healing. When researchers from John Hopkins examined the potential of meditation by reviewing several previous studies. They found that mindfulness and meditation can help reduce symptoms of psychological stress and even pain. The […]

The Gut-Brain Disease Connection Contributing to Mental Illness

  The delicate balance of gut bacteria combined with full digestion of food is necessary in order to prevent the proliferation of unhealthy micro intestinal flora within the gut. When out of balance, the disease process begins affecting the entire body, including our brain– influencing mood, memory and depression. The typical processed diet, combined with […]

Mental Health: Suicide and Suicidal Thoughts – No One Is Immune

Mental health issues are a serious problem in Canada, the United States and other western nations. In the 20th century and even in the early part of the 21st century, there seems to be a stigma attached to individuals who say “I go through periods of depression. There are times when I can’t even get […]

Obesity Rates Drives Up Liver Cancer Rates in Developed Countries

Liver cancer cases in several developed countries have doubled in the past 25 years, due to the continuing obesity epidemic and a spike in hepatitis infections. Even worse, the sharp rise in liver cancer cases is starting to swamp the limited number of liver specialists in those nations. In the four countries — the United […]

Chemotherapy and Breast Cancer: The Years of Unnecessary Overuse

  News sources were abuzz last week with a shocking health discovery: perhaps chemotherapy for early stage breast cancer can be avoided. As CTV reported, about 70 per cent of women who would normally be advised to undergo chemotherapy actually do not need it. While this was only applicable to women who had hormonally-fueled cancer […]

Eating Healthy (Tips) From Around The World

According to a report by the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) two thirds of Americans are overweight or obese. Statistically, the average American is 23 pounds heavier than his or her ideal body weight. Canadian statistics do not fair much better. According to the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation almost 60% of Canadian adults are overweight or […]

What’s Really in Your fast Food?

Did you  know that the average American spends an estimated $1,200 on fast food each year. Children consume an estimated 12 percent of their calories from fast food. 20 percent of all American meals are eaten in the car?  Were you also aware that in 2015 trans fats, which is found in most commercial baked […]

Childhood Immunity: Time We Take Off the Gloves and Get Dirty Again

Cleanliness might be next to godliness, as the saying goes, but is it also a factor in increased childhood illness? Several studies have postulated that by taking extreme measures to protect ourselves from germs, we may actually be more vulnerable to them. One condition that has been on the rise is allergies. One study found […]