Cancer, Mental Illnesses and Treatments

“In our society, no group is immune from these deadly phenomena. From preteens to the elderly, from low income earners to high income earners, from blue collar workers to white collar workers, we are all susceptible.” The health industry has always stated that the quality of food eaten affects human health, although the medical community

The Health Care System Is Broken and in Dire Need of Repair; Integrative Health Care is the Answer Part 3 – Opioid Crisis

“No doubt, the opioid addiction epidemic has reached extraordinary measures affecting and devastating a huge number of lives.”   Prevention Programs and Medication Treatment Failing Various issues are creating the breakdown of health while disease and medical treatment is failing. The opioid crisis has reached a crucial level that cannot stay unrecognized anymore. Whether it’s

Autism: More Alarming Statistics and Findings

“This may be your first time reading that there are differences when it comes to folic acid, and a question may come to mind: if the methylated form of folate is the best and avoids health complications, why isn’t it the only form used? The answer is the raw material costs.” The number of children

Healthy Aging, and the Avoidance of Aging Prematurely. The Importance of the Endocrine Glands and Hormonal Balance – Part 1

“Many scientists believe that aging is an intimately linked process, perhaps even caused by the gradual failure of the body’s immunological defense as environmental toxins accumulate, causing subversion within.” “Maximal life expectancy for humans is theorized to be about 115 years. Since the average life expectancy in the United States is currently approximately 80 years

Examining the Relationship of a Thyroid Disorder Creating Diabetes

“Hormone replacement therapy is not the naturopathic pathway to healing, it’s the allopathic way. Treatment must be holistic towards endocrine balance, including the treatment of the liver, and in conjunction with lifestyle changes.” We are in different kinds of relationships. In some of them we are better understood, while in those others much less. With