The Basics: Understanding Ear Infections

What Is an Ear Infection? An ear infection is commonly referred as otitis media, where this type of infection or inflammation typically affects the region located in the middle ear behind the eardrum. An estimated 75 percent of children are known to have at least one episode of otitis media prior before three years of

Cognition: Children and Social Media

Social media is an increasingly common and integral part of people’s lives, including those of children, despite a minimum access age of 13 years for some platforms. The reach of social media has outpaced research into potential benefits and harms for younger users. To address this gap, the Children’s Commissioner for England, Anne Longfield, published

Our Delicate Ecosystem and Frisky Frogs

On New Year’s Eve, CTV broadcast a news story about the dwindling frog population and the biologist who is making a “love potion” for them. On the surface, this story sounds silly: kicking off the new year with a story about the reproductive habits of frogs sounds right up there with a tap dancing gopher.

Study: Women’s Health: More Pregnant Women Using Marijuana

An increasing number of women are using marijuana while pregnant, possibly for morning sickness or anxiety, a research letter published in JAMA suggests. From 2009 to 2016, marijuana use among pregnant women increased from 4.2% to 7.1% researchers found using a database of about 318,000 pregnant females from a California health care system. Those 18

Women’s Health: Living Near Fracking Sites Linked to Low Birth Rates

Newborn babies face a greater risk of health problems if they live close to a fracking site, a large scale study contends. Women were 25 percent more likely to deliver low birth weight babies after hydraulic fracturing operations commenced within half a mile of their homes, said the study’s lead researcher, Janet Currie. She directs

Health: The Dangers of Allowing a Global Monopoly

Those in the industry may have heard that recently, Nestle purchased Atrium Innovations, a Quebec supplement maker. The brands that will be affected by this US $2.3 billion purchase are: Garden of Life, Pure Encapsulations, Wobenzym, AOV, Douglas Laboratories, Genestra Brands, Klean Athlete, Minami Nutrition, Orthica, Pharmax, and Trophic. Many natural health retailers have expressed