Health: The Dangers of Allowing a Global Monopoly

Those in the industry may have heard that recently, Nestle purchased Atrium Innovations, a Quebec supplement maker. The brands that will be affected by this US $2.3 billion purchase are: Garden of Life, Pure Encapsulations, Wobenzym, AOV, Douglas Laboratories, Genestra Brands, Klean Athlete, Minami Nutrition, Orthica, Pharmax, and Trophic. Many natural health retailers have expressed […]

Colds and Flu: To Help Ease The Symptoms: Good Drinks vs Bad Drinks

You wake up with a sore throat. Then comes the coughing, sneezing and sniffling. There’s no denying it – your sick. Sadly, there’s no cure for the common cold or the flu. When you are sick you hear it over and over “Get plenty of fluids” And it’s true. Your body needs extra hydration when […]

Sexual Health or Sexual Addiction?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently issued a formal apology from the government to past LGBTQ2 military and government service workers. Particularly in the Cold War era, public service workers were submitted to tests to determine if they might have same-sex attraction. Because many careers were sidelined or ended due to employee’s sexuality, the government has […]

Study: Drinking Coffee Could Help You Live Longer

Two studies have shown that drinking coffee could help you live longer. In the 1st study published in an article dated August 28, 2017 and titled “Drink Coffee, Live Longer” the author focused on a study that was presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress in Barcelona. In that study researchers investigated the association […]

The Dangers of Profiling, Data Collection and Anticipating Disease Outcomes

What the movie Minority Report showed for the future of law enforcement, the data collection for potential health issues and subsequent drugs will do for pharmaceutical industry. If pharma decides a person or family is at risk due to monitoring their every movement, and especially if they have children, what will happen? What if the […]

For Cosmetics and Skin Creams, Let the Buyer Beware

In August, the New York Times published an article warning consumers of the hidden dangers lurking in cosmetic products. Due to a lack of regulatory oversight, “buyer beware” is the standard safety measurement for cosmetics. While the danger potential of cosmetics is considerably less than drugs, it still exists, and is often not acted upon […]

Natural Medicine News: Life Choice and Purity Life Team Up to Bring Canadians High Quality Natural Medicines

Life Choice Ltd and Purity Life have now teamed up to bring Canadians the finest natural health medicines in the Canadian market.  Showcased: Life Choice Natural Health Medicines Purity Life is Canada’s leading distributor of natural health products including dietary supplements, vitamins, natural body care, earth friendly household goods and natural health food products. It supplies […]