Quality, Sustainability, Life Choice® – Part 2

  How We Do Things Differently “Choose what’s best for you, your environment and society.” According to the Business Department of University of Edinburgh, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) aims to ensure that companies conduct their business in a way that is ethical. This means taking account of their social, economic and environmental impact, and consideration

Quality, Sustainability, Life’s Choice® – Our Story – Part 1

“We have to continue to raise the standards of quality in our industry.” Lately, we have been focusing on the wide range of environmental problems and how to navigate better with the huge amount of information in order to make better lifestyle choices whenever possible. The current global systems we have in place are clearly

Toxic Duo: The Secret Ingredient and the Secret Weapon. What are the Connection Between Glyphosate, Cancer, Ticks, Honey Bees and Other Insects?

“You might ask: how do we function as a nation when we are willing to paralyze our own food supply in the fear of a possible enemy, developing bio-terrorism by using insects to infect plants with viruses that protect against the unknown boogie man?” Glyphosate—the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer—has also been linked

The Secret Ingredient: Glyphosate and Lyme Disease

“There appears to be a direct link between the usage of glyphosate and the increasing number of Lyme disease cases.” In our newsletter last week, The Secret Ingredient: Contaminated Foods and Beverages in Our Everyday Life we introduced a chemical and its possible health effects. Unfortunately, the story didn’t end there. Glyphosate—the active ingredient in

The Secret Ingredient: Contaminated Foods and Beverages in Our Everyday Life

“We need to be happy and not worry about everything, and then again we can’t live our lives in denial.” According to the findings of several new studies, glyphosate—the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer has been linked to cancer, specifically non-Hodgkin lymphoma—this secret ingredient is in almost every beer, wine and also grains

Stay Healthy in Summer: Tips to Slay the Season

Stay Healthy in Summer: Tips to Slay the Season “Wherever you go and whatever you do this summer, take care, stay healthy and enjoy your time.” Now that we are officially in summer with rising temperatures and vacations to come, we need to remember that summer is not just a relief from cold and chilly

Crisis with a Complex Background: Children’s Suicide on the Rise

The fact is that while we are starting to focus more and more on physical health, we tend to ignore the importance of mental health when in reality both are needed in order to create a healthy balance.   There is a large increase of depression and suicidal thoughts and attempts by children. “The rising