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“My skin looked better. More lean muscle, lost 5 pounds without any change in diet or exercise, just taking this product. I had more energy. Better mood. It takes about 2 months of it to start feeling a difference.”

“My wife and I are 65 years old. We have been taking Life Choice Homeopathic HgH on a daily basis for the past several years. We have noticed that we increased our robustness, we felt stronger and most dramatically, we restored our skin thickness to that typical of a 55-year-old person. No doubt, Life Choice Homeopathic HgH had a positive influence on our quality of life.”

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Does it feel like you are losing strength, endurance and energy?

Is your hair thinning or disappearing?

Need something to combat wrinkles and thinning skin?

Exercising but can’t seem to reduce fat?

Everyone has heard this statement before: “Price is only an issue in the absence of Value!”

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Listen to Brett Hawes interview Eldon Dahl, DNM and CEO of Life Choice® about HGH.

Holistic Health Master Class Episode #39 Aired on Holistic Health Master Class, October 19, 2018

Knowledge is Power When it Comes to Your Health.

Homeopathic HgH+ represents a true anti-aging breakthrough in natural medicine. This safe, orally-administered preparation takes the high profile of pharmaceutical human growth hormone (HGH) in an easy-to-take, effective alternative to expensive injections.

This formula offers a way to enhance immune response, increase lean body mass, stimulate neuro-endocrine system balance, and achieve optimal physical and mental performance. Its homeopathic preparation achieves these benefits by encouraging the body to produce more of the hormone on its own, “reminding” it of its proper function at the sub-molecular level. Homeopathic preparations are generally regarded as safe by all authorities, due to their extreme dilution, which renders their active ingredients nearly undetectable by the most sophisticated of measurements.

Still, homeopathy is a favored genre of health care to millions around the world: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II employs one in her personal service!

Meanwhile, the startling clinical proof has been established that injection therapy with synthetically-manufactured HGH, which replicates the hormone created naturally in the pituitary gland, can literally reverse the aging process! One study’s participants, aged between 61 and 81, “rewound the clock” by 10-20 years, after 6 months of injections, which is a phenomenal result. Unfortunately, such treatment can cost many thousands of dollars, out of the reach of many who would like to reap its benefits.

Prevent Premature Aging

At first glance, it may seem too good to be true that a single hormone could have so many far-reaching effects. But as we look more closely at the scientific evidence from human studies, and at the physiological interactions between growth hormone and the body’s various symptoms that affect these areas, everything begins to fall into place.

Daily growth hormone secretion diminishes with age, to the extent that a 60 year old may secrete only 25% of the HGH secreted by a 20 year old. By ages 70 to 80, virtually everyone is quite seriously deficient in growth hormone, resulting in SDS, or Somatotrophin (growth hormone) Deficiency Syndrome. Symptoms include loss of muscle and increase of fat, decreased healing ability, a greater risk of cardiovascular disease and lower life expectancy: in other words, the symptoms of the disease called aging.

Practically everyone over the age of 40 has some signs of encroaching SDS.

The decline of growth hormone with age, sometimes referred to as somatopause, is directly associated with many symptoms of aging, including wrinkling, gray hair, decreased energy and sexual function, increased body fat and cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and more. Many of these symptoms have been associated with younger adults who have growth hormone deficiency; in that sense, the biological age of these particular adults has exceeded their chronological age.

Follow the Science and Discover Life Choice®

The good news, however, is that clinical evidence demonstrates several astounding facts: by replacing growth hormone, we can dramatically reverse these symptoms, to restore hair color and growth, regain bone tissue, increase energy and significantly reduce body fat, along with a score of other health benefits. Improved muscular strength, endurance, skin tone and texture, disappearance of wrinkles, new hair growth, greater immune response, body flexibility, and even sexual potency, are but a few on this very long list of impressive results, proven in medical research.

Life Choice® Homeopathic HgH+ offers a safe, economical alternative to injections, in a formulation supported by Adrenalinum for the adrenal system, Thyroidinum for the thyroid, Pituitarum Posterium for the pituitary, and Insulin for the pancreas, in order to ensure proper absorption and maximum benefit.